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Thread: Backyard Wildlife

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    This new house has a lot of green space behind it. We get rabbits, deer, opossums and some sort of groundhog. My dog is loving it, however, she has exactly zero fear of anything and tries to call the deer over to play. That's not the greatest.

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    While piling the wood I seen a chipmunk or maybe chipmunks, one day it kept running across the door of the wood shed hiding under the tiler a couple of times. This evening it was around the garden chair and ran up and sat there and then down the thyme plant beside the chair looking right at me both times.
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    It's that time of year to find common frogs on the doorstep.

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    In the spring around here the toads get loud, annoyingly so sometimes, and sometimes they are audibly close to the house but itís almost impossible to actually find them. As I understand it, toads can handle drier conditions than frogs. Iíve never seen a frog around here any time of year, though it can get quite wet in the winter.

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    The frogs here are like the ravens: I hear them but don't see them!
    Meanwhile, while grooming the cat the other day I realized I hadn't seen any of the wild rabbits around recently. I was reminded because she gets her grooming on the guest bed and for a while I was seeing rabbits in the front yard as many days as not.
    The cat, incidentally, is called "Bunny".
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    Speaking of bunnies, I swapped out the game camera memory card on Friday and found that we'd had visitors as recently as the prior morning.

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