I'm not aware of any other significant populations at present but there were wild pigs on Marmot Island back in the 1980s and '90s:

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Over the years, people have also tried to introduce non-native species to Alaska. A man named Reed Oswalt in 1984 wanted to establish a population of European wild hogs on Marmot Island near Kodiak. Reed released eight hogs he had transported up from California on a 40-acre parcel of land he owned on Marmot Island.

The hogs escaped their confines and spread out over the island. Staffers from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game visited and found severe damage to the vegetation. They ordered Reed to remove the hogs from state land. He was either unwilling or unable to do so, but the pigs disappeared anyway. In 1998 a hunter killed the last one on the island.

Raccoons, wild pigs and other bad ideas
I think the second paragraph glosses over their disappearance. The ADFG considered them an exotic species, so there were no restrictions on hunting them...open season, year round, no limit...and I think they tacitly encouraged it, if no overtly. I believe one or more guide services even arranged hunting trips there, while it lasted.