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Thread: CQ (BAUT) moderation now using infraction system

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    CQ (BAUT) moderation now using infraction system

    We're going to start using vBulletin's infraction system to administer discipline on the forum. This should be easier on the moderators as well as provide more consistency in how it is administered. A quick overview follows:

    Users committing a rule violation receive a certain number of points based on that violation and the number of previous offenses. If the number of points exceeds a certain threshold, they will be automatically suspended or banned based on the threshold exceeded. The basic numbers are as follows: 1 point for the first offense, 2 for the second, 7 for the third, and 12 for the fourth. Thresholds are 3 for a 3-day suspension, 5 for a 7-day suspension, 8 for a 14-day suspension, and 12 for a perma-ban. Points will be adjusted to some extent based on the seriousness of the offense and whether the poster has been here long enough to know better.

    Additionally, there is the option for a "Friendly Reminder", which is a zero-point infraction that expires after one day. This is used in situations where we believe a member (usually a recent arrival) has unwittingly violated the rules and just needs to be reminded of such.

    You are welcome to discuss and critique this new approach here.
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    A reminder to people: under this new approach, just because you don't see a visible result from a post or PM you report doesn't mean that no action was taken. It's quite possible that an infraction was issued, but since the point accumulation wasn't enough to generate a suspension, the result remains private.

    There is some internal discussion going on about whether we should publicize each infraction given, but right now the consensus is that this is not something that needs to be general knowledge. You're welcome to discuss this in the discussion thread for this topic.
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    We have had some questions about the infraction system that I believe are addressed in the OP above. Discussion is still welcome in the appropriate thread.
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    The first table below detail the infractions that can be issued, the points associated with each, and the time period those points are active.

    The second table details the penalties that result from reaching those totals of active points.

    Available Infractions
    Description Points Points
    Expire After
    Friendly reminder 0 1 day
    First offense 1 14 days
    First offense (should know better) 2 1 months
    First offense - medium issue 2 3 months
    Second offense 2 3 months
    First offense - suspension-level issue 3 3 months
    Second offense - medium issue 3 3 months
    First offense - major issue 7 6 months
    Second offense - major issue 7 6 months
    Third offense 7 6 months
    First Offense - Banning offense 12 Never
    Third offense - major issue 12 Never
    Fourth offense 12 Never
    Moderators totally fed up 1000000 Never

    Resulting Penalties
    Action Duration
    3 Suspension 3 Days
    5 Suspension 7 Days
    8 Suspension 2 Weeks
    12 Permanent Ban Forever
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