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Thread: My first telescope

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    Smile My first telescope

    Hello guys first time post here. I have always been a star gazer and have been interested all my life in anything related to astronomy. As a college guy I have had to spend almost everything I make in tuition, etc. But recently I came accross a little cash and decided to buy my first telescope. People tell me to start with binoculars first, which I did, a couple of years ago, but I can't distinguish a star from a planet with so little magnification. So, I need you guys to tell me your honest opinion, which of these two is better as a first time telescope:

    Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ MD:

    Orion Skyquest XT6

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    I would go with the Orion Skyquest as a first scope. I myself am planning on buying my third scope and it will be an Orion Dobsonian.

    Any chance you could save a little more for this one:

    the object finder would be a great addition.

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    Both of those scopes have pros and cons, and both would be good first scopes. However, my vote is for the XT6. It has a bit more aperature than the Celestron and the dob mount guarantees stabilty. Some lower priced EQ mounts are clunky and fragile, though the Celestron one you link to might be OK.

    I've been using dobs for years and love them for their stabilty and ease of use. I have the XT10, which is the 10" version of the XT6 and love it.

    Since you have not yet bought a scope, this is highly recommended reading:

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    SHSUBearkat welcome!
    I have been in your shoes before.
    As a fellow college student I didn't want to have to take the next semester off just because I blew all my money on a scope.
    As probably many many others here would suggest, if your college has a astronomy club, join! Or find one near you. See what others have and learn from there experience.

    I have a Orion XT10 much like redshifter. But have the IntelliScope version and just love it. Simple to set up simple to use and you can see a ton.
    But if you want to take astropics then you may want choose something else then a Dobsonian.

    Personally I would totally go for the Orion Skyquest XT6 or mabey even the XT8. And would put serious thought to upgrading to the IntelliScope line. The object locator is great!

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    One man's opinion - go for the XT-6 and then invest in some good quality eyepieces and a Barlow lens. The eyepieces that come with the scope will be OK to get you started but then I suggest buying a wider field of view and lower magnification.

    If you can afford the extra $80, upgrade to the XT-8 which will also accept 2-inch eyepieces (the XT-6 will only work with 1.25-inch eyepieces.) Once you look at a star field through a 2-inch eyepiece, you may never unbox your 1.25's again.

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    Everything I need to know I learned through Googling.

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    Thumbs up Thanks!

    Thanks to all of you for your advice. Seems like most of you like the dobsonian for its functionality and stability and either the xt6 or xt8 will be my choice.

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