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Hey abo... hi,

There are some programmes (BBC) aired on the radio, the lead-ins / intros for which have remained unchanged for decades.

If changes were to be considered, it would, in some cases, lead to riots in the streets; who knows, they'd also roll some heads at the BBC. Some things become institutional (as opposed to institutionalised) and they are best left unaltered.

The intro to podcasts at BAUT qualify for such status. Best left unchanged. It would 'grow' on you! My opinion.

I am nerdy like that.
Thing with the podcast intro for me is that after Pamela's (lovely) voice, it bursts in so damn loud. I'm usually relaxing in bed when I listen to 365, it's a nice wind down before going to sleep. But I have to forward through the loud bit to get to the podcast. Not a big deal but it means I just fast forward from the beginning of the podcast and miss the sponsor message.