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Thread: 3rd Rock from the Sun (TV) game

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    Talking 3rd Rock from the Sun (TV) game

    1. Take a headline -- any headline -- from the news.
    2. Write up a brief 3rd Rock From The Sun "scene" about it.


    ...Some extrasolar planets that one might assume are too cold to host life could in fact be habitable...

    Harry Solomon (perpetually squinting): "Ah yes, I remember that one planet in the Zentarbi System we thought was dead."

    Tommy Solomon (briskly shaking his head): "Big mistake."

    Harry Solomon: "Turns out it was inhabited -- "

    Sally Solomon (wide-eyed with recollection): "--and the natives were hungry."

    Harry Solomon (nodding somberly): "Very hungry."

    --collective shiver--

    Sally Solomon (chuckling now): "Hey...remember how they tried to turn Dick into a shish-kabob?"

    {uproarious laughter}

    Tommy Solomon (disgusted): "What a big bawl baby Dick turned out to be! He was so terrified he couldn't twitch a finger to save himself -- "

    Harry Solomon: "Yeah. Good thing we had Lime Jell-O; that scared 'em away!"

    Sally Solomon: "Well Jell-O IS scary anyway! Especially Lime Jell-O."

    --collective agreement--
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