(This may be in the wrong area..)

Do any Baut Forumers draw, photoshop, or is even a photographer? Do you have pictures you are especially proud of and want to share? I've made a special forum just for people like you (and me)!

The photos and drawings in this thread are property of the Artist and may not be used or replicated without the Artists permission.

Ok, this one has taken me about three days to draw. It's actually pretty good for a portrait type drawing, since I'm mainly into cartoons and anime.

It's based off this image of my and my boyfriend. I added some to the bottom and cut some off of the side (Mainly because when I finished his head I realized I was too high up and too far right. LOL)

I also darkened his glasses and my hair, and neglected to put in the shine from the window in the background, mainly because I suck and highlighting and shadowing.

Now I want to see some of your guy's work of art! Some of the stuff you're really proud of. If you already have a website or something, you can link it and mention some of your favorites!

(If anybody knows how to resize an image so that it'll fit the page, let me know, mkays? The one I have is way~ too big.)