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Thread: $120 Light Bulb

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    $120 Light Bulb

    ...The [LED] GeoBulb uses less than 8-Watts of power to put out more light than a 60-Watt [incandescrnt] off very little heat and turns on instantly...for over 30,000 hours...
    "Out of Stock"---Oh, darn!

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    Just installed 4 LED fixtures. 12-watt. ~$120 in material costs each.

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    Walmart sells a 4 pack of 0.3 watt LED night lights for about 5 dollars USA. They operate on 120 volts ac, come on when it is dark, produce a beam of (slightly blue) light plus wide angle defused. 40 of them = 12 watts would be about as bright as a 60 watt incandesent at about a cost of $50 USA. I have 7 in the house and 3 outside unsheltered from the rain. They got soaked 4 times in the past 2 days but are still working. 14 year guarentee. One of the inside 0.3 watt lights is on about 23 hours per day. They seem to be saving us from turning on stronger lights often enough that we are saving money, and helping the enviroment. Most of our other bulbs are CFL = compact florescents, half of which have operated 5 years or more. I have had about 6 CFLs fail. Neil

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    The C. Crane Company is notorious for being long on promises and being significantly higher priced than their competitors.

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    Could be; this radio is my 1st product from them, just received as a gift, and looking forward to trying it out. They do have an eclectic array of products in the (included) catalog, and the price of that bulb jumped right out:
    ...and even though it's expensive right now, we know that the price will come down as our production goes 85% electricity costs compared to incandescent, 40% compared to CFL bulbs

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