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Thread: CSI Mythbusters!

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    CSI Mythbusters!

    What the?
    I'm watching the original series of CSI, new episode and all... and was it just me or I just saw Jamie and Adam playing scientists in there?

    Well that was unexpected!

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    Yeah I'm watching it right now - my guess the plot for the episode might be a myth, so they maybe wanted to be a part off

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    Yup, nice cameo!

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    did they blow anything up or build any cool robots?

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    I think the appearance was not that they were mere lab assistants, but it was the George Eads character who was obviously a Mythbusters fan (who else do CSIs have to look up to, but other scientists). He was "getting his geek on" by imagining the Mythbusters giving their stamp of approval to him solving this mystery.

    Also, the other great casting of the episode: Foil-Lady was played by Chloe Webb who was Marg Helgenberger's co-star on China Beach!!

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    when i saw the ballistic gel early in the show i thought of mythbusters. I bet they made the gel heads and did all the fire work.

    ncmacasl, you copied your post from Yahoo.

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