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Thread: CAsinni '04

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    CAsinni '04

    Yeah I agree
    Orange? {BWUW}
    the reason I raise the question?
    I see
    {upload link problem mostly}
    that there are two brighter stars
    between which Sat will pass
    and to the left CAsini will go
    so what do I see?
    Remember my RED shift disk cracked9/3 cayan

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    9:32 am PDT 8/28 Mac side of CH322
    ok so the picture i see?
    has these two GOLE POST stars in the stellar background
    looking down? from above? _/ = CCW so ? SOUTH is down?
    my UNanserable "Astronomy" question will be..
    For the REST of Aug. Whats the name of the two "GOLE POST" stars
    not to leave myself totally out of that picture
    my Astrology Question for next week will be
    UM? what sign am I looking thru here?
    in other words (where is casinni)
    9/3 CYAN

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    Y U C

    today 9/2 (2003)? i see that the track of Saturn no longer passeth
    "Between" the two brighter stars in the background past which line
    cassini has already moved. maybe those are not stars at all but
    are actuall UFO's and above Satyrn not below? hmm?
    speaking of thee background though (Yes my redshift CD cracked)
    {so I cannot use red shift to sift out an answer}
    when I attempted an answer i came to the conclusion that the stars
    that make up the souther pole stars would be the ones to mention
    as I recall it the constalation started whth an "O" .. oh well
    for some reason I thought about the souther cross, which i've herad of
    in Astronomy sites ... but on the chart i ooked at it was an "o"?
    cyan 9/3

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    if this goes

    9/4 blue DUCKS shold win 19/11
    back on BLUE again this time traveling twards RED above?
    try for better cassini stuff than i have 2DAY
    remember also today I was at 80 nanometers {wondering about}
    (((:"MY"Default)Time)Unit) Ms .. which i conclude now 21st Cent
    must be an overestimate (perhaps pico second is correct)
    {i admitt I do not know} (i've been wrong manyMANY times about
    the stock market) amonung other undigestables
    Cyan (yeah 9/12/8:44) inLab 23
    ok ok back to the wire? YES ($20) Whoo Whee and i see a V200
    in the Brochure.. I'll check those next? TODAY {does "NOT" work}
    9/16 Green /envy10/7 7:10

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    I can' wait for Cassini to get there!

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    yellow LeRt

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    push to top

    olive 12/1 {for density = 2}

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