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Thread: "General science" and "Questions and Answers"

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    "General science" and "Questions and Answers"

    I have been wondering for a while now why "Questions and Answers" is grouped in "General" when it's description shows that it is intended for space and astronomy spesific subjects, while the "General Science" board, that is for anything that is not astronomy, is a sub-forum of "Space and Astronomy".

    It is not that strange that people sometimes post general science questions in the Q&A forum when it is implied to be for general stuff by its parent.

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    You need to post this thread in ATM

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    I don't want to sound stupid but I keep hearing about an atm section on this website. Can I get free money from this part of the website?

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    ATM: Against the Mainstream. You'll only get money out of it if you're especially gifted, like Hoagland, Sitchin, etc.

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