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Thread: My new avatar

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    My new avatar

    In case anyone is is a picture of my aunt taken around 1919. I also have a picture of her pushing my Dad around in a baby carriage circa 1919. I never met her. I just like the picture.

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    I was curious myself

    There is a thread for this ( at least there used to be...)
    ...for explaining your avatar.

    If you can find it- you may have a MOD move it for you...

    I STUMBLED across by complete accident, a website that had absolutely ancient photographs of my family on it. Weird. I found pictures of my Grandfathers and my Mother! As a Teenager!
    I was fascinated and saved them all... and shared them too.

    There is something about seeing old photos of family- even those you have not met that I think inspires a person in seeing their roots and who you came from- where your family values and family sayings came from.

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