A CNN news article says:

“Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is asking residents to conserve water because liquid oxygen, used to treat the community's water supply, is needed to treat the surge of Covid-19 patients in the community.”

. . . but reading through the entire article, there is never an explanation of why local water usage affects hospital liquid oxygen supplies. I would think that’s a rather important detail. I ended up doing a web search to see if I could find an article that actually explained the issue being reported and found this:


It turns out that in some places, liquid oxygen is used in water treatment, apparently as a replacement for chlorine. In this exceptional situation, the hospitals are using so much that there isn’t enough locally for both them and water treatment. They say that if people don’t limit water usage sufficiently, they likely will prioritize the hospitals and warn residents to boil drinking water.

It’s much more useful and informative when issues are explained. I know if I was told to limit water use, but they didn’t clearly explain why, I would be less likely to take it seriously. Also, if I lived there, I would want to know if there was a reasonable cost method to change things so this conflict wouldn’t occur again.