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    So it goes : :. i'll just conSeed, as it obvious,
    i've hit ob already. so its pointless. Now2 2-2-14 for 15
    :Cassini (see, )
    Moon (see, )
    |U fo (see, )
    (Sonoma State University (see, Sonoma State University )
    { (see, )
    [Newman (see, )
    ?8:56 A.M. PST revisions at 9:25 A.M. added space b4 )?

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    All right, HUb'! Referencing particular posts. Very good.

    And since we can edit them, we can add that feature back in after the fact, if we want to.

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    On 2002-02-15 10:35, GrapesOfWrath wrote: TO: 9:21 A.M.

    All right, HUb'! Referencing particular posts. Very good.
    ok i addmit only 1 of 4 or 5 work
    and i was trying to get the short [2]
    not the long text
    <font size=-1>[Fixed formatting]</font>
    its back to the drawing board
    and a faster update timing [darnit]

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    On 2002-02-15 10:55, HUb' wrote: To? HUb'
    push to page 1 from 24
    nothing much has changed
    I did go up to the 3rd floor NewBurger
    the Questions ? counter Questions
    became drawn : I ask abouth math program classes
    MatLab in particular
    but also questions about the Math Lab itself
    I guess i found out there are No Math Classes 4MatLab
    and that the Math Lab no longer has "A" Mac
    room and its all 'BM,r complient ?
    === there was a lingual change in the debait
    pretty sure {not positive} Girl Talk..
    {loosly translated Mac Planks ? Oppenhimers wifes ? chat ROOM?}

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