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Thread: Great film gags...

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    Great film gags...

    It is many many years since I attended a cinema,
    the ease and comfort of home video is too
    appealing. Anyway it is a young persons thing.
    But I remember how audiences would erupt at
    visual gags in films, infectious laughter
    because everyone is concentrating on the show.
    They fall flat at home with all the comforting
    distractions. However I had Toy Story 2 on a few
    weeks ago as moving wallpaper and found myself
    relaxed a few moments while the little cowgirl
    related the sad story of her owner growing up
    and discarding. Suddenly the doll was looking
    out of a box on the road. It was the word
    Donations that did it, I was choking with mirth
    for a good ten seconds. But was this supposed to
    be a gag, would I have got black looks in a real
    cinema? Ah well, I enjoyed the pointers to
    other classics like Star Wars and Close
    Encounters. And I remember the Nun gulping the
    whiskey in Airport. The best of all was the
    Tiger scraping the serpents nostril in Jungle
    Book. That made the roof lift! Any other
    remembered jokes?

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    An easy dozen from Mel Brooks, none of which could probably be properly described here.

    I tend to focus on dialog as much as sight gags, but I always crack up at the scene in 'My Little Chickadee' where the greenhorn sitting in on a card game asks WC Fields "Is this a game of chance?"

    "Not the way I play it, no."

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    Re: Great film gags...

    The Mirror Scene from "Duck Soup": there can never be too many Grouchos.

    The final scene from the same movie, where, just after stating that "We're fighting for this woman's honor, which is more than she ever did.", Groucho and his brothers pelt Margaret Dumont with fruit, hoping to silence her rendition of the Freedonia National Anthem.

    And many, many more.

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    My son is a big fan of Toy Story 2, so I've seen it about 2 dozen times at least. That scene was not meant to be a gag, so, yeah, you'd probably have gotten some dirty looks in the theater.

    I did recently notice that Zurg's* ion cannon has a power dial that goes up to 11.

    *Buzz Lightyear's arch-enemy

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