I think I'll start with some memorible pranks then go on to notable personalities. This is going to be one of those multi-post threads.

Thinking back, the pranks don't start getting good until Junior High. But there were a few really good food fights when I was in Grade School. Encluding the infamous carrot/raisin slaw incident.

Now in Junior High a kid named Doug I. and an accomplice tried something they just read about without any real maliciousness that got completely out of hand. IIRC they had gotten hold of the famous sixties tome, The Anarchist's Handbook. They filled a small vial with liquid garlic extract, plugged it with a piece of candycane and dropped it into the floor vents of the heater in the school library. It wasn't until hours later that the devastating aroma emptied the building. They would have gotten away with it too but the teachers were so mad that they 'fessed up, being essentially good kids. They shouldn't have. The clean up bill was in the neighborhood of ten thousand 1973 dollars! (New carpets, curtains and other cloth items that wouldn't come clean.)

Also in Junior High you had the classics like Nair in the jockstrap, or if you really didn't like the guy, Ben-Gay. For my friends in foriegn lands, Nair is a hair removing spray. The result of which would cause your pubic hair to fall out in the after-game shower. Ben-Gay is a arthritis liniment that had a much more immediate effect. (It "warms" arthritic joints, or in this case made you think your hoohaws were in a deep fryer)

Several teachers and staff stand out. Believe it or not most of us kids loved the head janitor at my Junior High. He was a Hawaiin who's full given name was Dinkum Nakapaahu. All the kids called him Dink. He was a big man. But, like myself, God didn't bless him with great height so much as great width. He could bench press 800 pounds several times or 1200 pounds in one hard push. Saw him do it with my own eyes. Though this was long before I started wieght lifting myself. When I'm in condition I don't come close to that.

(Actually, exactly half that is my personal best. During a graded exercise I pushed up 400 pounds 30 times. That was in '96 when I was trying colledge a second time. That's where Miss Deemer taught me to love Algebra for the first time.)

But I digress.

Part of the reason we liked Dink so much was he not only overlooked small sins, (As long as you weren't making a mess he had to clean up) but he also couldn't stand bullies. Woe betide you if he caught you bullying the underclassmen. For instance...

Corey W. was a chronic offender in this category. Like something out of Ned's Declassified High School Survival Guide or something. (Oooh just cracked the first ale of the evening. Nice.) Corey was up to his old tricks, giving a guy named Stuart, whom we called "Stuart Little" 'cause he was, a mega-wedgie after giving him noogies until he cried. (Corey wasn't a nice bully like on Nickleodeon.)

Dink snuck up behind him, freakin' ROARED, lifted Corey up by the back his undies, stuffed him head first into one of those big corrigated garbage cans and kicked the can down a flight of stairs. (Somehow I picture Gillian being horrified by this. Sorry if I'm wrong) I saw the last part myself as the roar had got my attention. If I had known what was happening I would definately stepped in as I wasn't imtimidated by Corey at all.

I had already saved Stuart from bullies three times because not only was he a very pleasant individual, but I had a major crush on his twin sister. She was seriously shy, but saving her twin brother from bullies really worked well as an icebreaker. Especially after doing it twice in front of her. This guy who's last name was Holmes really had a problem with Stuart. His first name escapes me but I can still see his face. The wierd thing is, I can't recall what Stuart's sister's name was at all. Total blank.

Going to wrap this entry up pretty soon.

So the cuties from my Junior High School days (Whose names I CAN remember) were:

Chrissy Tuck. All the boys got in trouble for coming up with inappropriete rhymes for her name one time or a another. Myself included.

Tammy Coletti. She had "Oh my God" pretty legs. Since she was a cheer leader we got to see them all the time.

Pat Hingle, (yeah there is a fat, ugly male actor with the same name, no relation) she was a tall freckled brunette. We would snuggle during films in art class.

Then there was Mrs. McKenzie the English teacher. Blonde, tall, pretty and slightly buck toothed. Wore her hair in a beaufont beehive. Dressed like a Startrek (original series) yeoman, with a short skirt and serious cleavage. (Hey, it was the early seventies, don't laugh.) All the boys loved her.

Her polar opposite was the school librarian who was a short, curvy, olive complected brunette. In seventh grade I was taller than she was. Always wore those hobble skirts. Miss...Miss...oh heck I almost said her name. I actually pouted when she got engaged. Spent a lot of time in the library I did.

Okay I'm done for now. This has taken me three hours to type.