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Thread: Gravity Wave Detector

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    attendANTS = 0

    no one showed. {oppsi forgot olive} there now for 2&3

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    Present company excepted. I was there in spirit. We were not alone.

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    interestin day

    Quote Originally Posted by Pinemarten
    Present company excepted. I was there in spirit. We were not alone.
    Thursday was a Very interesting day see CON

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    EarthQuakes as a Gravity Wave detector

    98-9-19(preposed) EarthQuake Cycles <group words> & definations
    Round = 4 Jiggles (? 8 years)
    Jiggle = 4 Seasons {? 2yr Cyl}
    SEASON = 3 Applause ( 2 Lulls ) | 3 months|
    Applause(month) = pair <14>'s / 29days /
    fortnight <14> === pair 7's " Gravity Waves " < 14&3/4 >
    week 7 = pair Claps "GW2ndHarm" 7days
    day Clap = A day of "BIG" Quakes 24hrs
    ========ROUND=========================(? 8 years)
    SFSF Spring Fall Spring Fall ( the STRONG ONE ) 2YR :"Orion":
    SWSW Summer Winter Summer Winter 2YR
    FSFS Fall Spring Fall Spring 2YR
    WSWS Winter Summer Winter Summer 2YR
    note this cycle does not = 8 exactly and so it gets out of SYNC
    now would be one of the times when the pattern needs to be RESET
    ---------JIGGLE-----------------------{? 2yr Cyl}
    (ei 4 seasons of Quakes in 2 year periods called a Jiggle O' Quakes)
    {{{ SEE PRIOR POST }}}
    and 4 Jiggles (2yr ea) would = ROUND of Quake Cycles (about 8years)
    :::::::::SEASON:::::::::::::::::::::::| 3 months|
    in a typically season there are 3 applause's(Clap Clap Clap)={90day}
    how ever the simple CLAP CLAP CLAP soon becomes more complex
    as the 14&3/4Day Gravity Wave comes into view
    and that gives rise to a 7 day Earth Responce (GW second Harmonic)
    so a theoritical Season's of "Applause"(s) more like the following:
    7 7 7 7 7 7 Earths 2nd GW harmonic
    c-c c-c c-c c-c c-c c-c
    < 14 > < 14 > < 14 > 14&3/4day GW Primary
    "Lull" "Lull"
    |=Applause| |=Applause| |=Applause|.............: aka Season
    typically there are two "LULLS" in a SEASON
    Lulls occure about 2 days after the first Quarter Moon phase
    &R considered the DOMINANT feature of an active Quake Season
    in some seasons FOUR months string together (Claps=16 not 12)
    ei a "three LULL / four Applause" SEASON on rare ocasions
    Reality of course would be something else entirly and these
    Conjuctures of Quake "Applauses", "Seasons", "Jiggles", & "Rounds".
    are mostly theoritical and may not in fact be found in the Library.
    however better than expected results will occure IF you keep score.
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::
    the "MAIN" feature of this file may be the "LULL" which may
    more accuratly be called the "First Quarter Seismic lull"
    which most probably can be seen on a chart two days after first 1/4
    ....Dated Material AutoDelete 7/2/04 JD2453189

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    hmm? 1

    i did try .. couldn't finger it out though "HUb'"


    ReplaceD the curly brackets { with the square [ ones. STILL GUESSING

    yeahhh at last 8:18 am July 9 2004

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pi Man
    I know! That's exactly what HUB's links did to me! It linked me to a quote of my post! :-? :P
    That's the alien anti-anti-disestablishmentatiranism I'm working against around these parts...

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    {um} YUMM

    Quote Originally Posted by Humphrey
    [humphrey pats snowcelt on the head reasuringly]

    There, there. its o.k..


    Hub' So did your computer mess up do to the heat, or was it causing errors in your calculations?
    DERIVE for Windows version 5.06 DfW file saved on 06 Jul 2004 hCross:=APPROX(- 10986842105263157/20000000000000000)
    vCross:=APPROX(- 13333333333333333/5000000000000000000)

    true heat did seam to effect computer (110) one day last week
    but it did a self heal thing

    as far as my calculations {in Black & White}
    currently ATTempting DErIVe however the 400k file
    does NOT look like something i'd try to upload
    even though i did think about THIS
    so i sent along the headdewr {top 3 lines} minus a few characters

    as fra as GWD .. my hall LOCKER in Lincoln was opened and MY VHSC
    camcorder removed I got it back this morning from Camp Sec.
    and was glad GWD was not in Lincoln at the time

    Mostly looking at broken records {vinals} on the streets
    and have not done 1 thing with GW.d this or last term is just more or less in ambivalant Lookdown

    so it pretty slow sleding as there really is no snow
    below say the 9100 ft leve UP on Mt. Hood
    i did hear 30Million {but that just A roomer as far as I know

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    jULY 14TH 2004 7:31 AM PST

    Time Day Date JD2453+ Age %il Distance V=Km/Hr Acc/d MAYAN
    4:48 AM WED 7/14/04 +201 26.8 7% 405308Km +28k/h ?~0 3 Etznab 1 XUL
    At the risk of being overtly overbearing... i'll prepare this {XUL}
    for possible E-Mail {To You} at 8:18 AM PST {on A Wednesday}
    Allright? Where was I? attempting to solicit some interest on your
    beHALF, for the {appearently new} ODE Architecture{sp} program
    that appears on the Math Lab {NH465} computers...
    Well Enough: for now, & skiping fast forward to
    Congradulations on your awards {Burns, etc} etc
    I do: as you may know send emmisaries...
    that however is another story completly!
    Finding{FUNDING} any furthor philosophical
    advance is exceedlingly problematic
    I can only hope, you take my ODE
    / Archicture question, with A grain
    of salt. & understand it as A hint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humphrey
    still moving? yowza.

    What did that data table signify? Was it your data from the Gravity wave machine?

    Why did you loose interest near 3/4 the weay throught?
    well the Solar cycle was Supposidly approaching
    its end time {although it did not} (it flickered on)
    I call this LIne the Px Effect

    yes? the
    post represented the BEST i did when the cycle was active
    ther were severl X events and so I could sync in on them

    MY CONCLUSION was that it took {on Average} about 50 hours
    for the ?:" impulse front ":? to reach Earth from the sun

    {um} 93mM/50 ?= 2Million Miles / hour
    {some numbers like that WAS at the tiume MY CONCLUSION

    in other words {that type of event} (WAS NOT speed of light)
    the GW shock wave propagates rather slowly

    as I recall High speed electrons are faster
    I would compare MY conclusions with big
    $ if I could

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    Holy... Do we suddenly have two HUb's on this board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gullible Jones
    Holy... Do we suddenly have two HUb's on this board?
    I'm not sure, the dates are pretty old on those other posts, and as best as i can tell, Hub' was just having problems logging on with his own username. If I'm wrong, God help us all...

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    this is not A test

    Quote Originally Posted by Gullible Jones
    Holy... Do we suddenly have two HUb's on this board?

    Sometimes it actually seams to me ALSO
    that there ARE two of me
    its an illusion (like two mushroom stems)
    thats my guess
    additionally I do have a second account
    as pdx00782 {which i try very VERY hard not to use}
    HUb' { moon past Full } (ei Color:blue)

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    20040830 $:32 PM pst

    Quote Originally Posted by Normandy6644
    Quote Originally Posted by Gullible Jones
    Holy... Do we suddenly have two HUb's on this board?
    I'm not sure, the dates are pretty old on those other posts, and as best as i can tell, Hub' was just having problems logging on with his own username. If I'm wrong, God help us all...

    you ARE absolutly correct
    today for example I had some trouble
    from CH2xx ?/?
    but i was trying some fancy dancing
    and when i hit EDIT for example
    I got edit but the LOG OUT (HUb') feature
    would vanish {and i would try a second login}
    //tilt\\ but that was not working eithor {REREAD THAT} 1 T 1 H 1 A 2nd T
    so i had to give up trying to send a link to the RED head ?/?

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    No problem, HUb' had problems a while back and opened a new account that he used for a while, but uses very rarely now.

    Come on, there can be only one HUb'!

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    20040831 8:33AM pst

    Quote Originally Posted by FP
    No problem, HUb' had problems a while back and opened a new account that he used for a while, but uses very rarely now.

    Come on, there can be only one HUb'!

    6:30 PM 8/30/04 [ S P C ] Scientific Poppy Cock {gw report}
    Today Around 5 {West Hall}(Cramer Hall) near CH1
    in the past week A computer/desk/chairs have been in "Hall"
    and today Another1 {newer}? was place on a different top
    with Chair etc.. So? as the Door was open I spoke with
    person present about the {computer in the hall} IN FACT I
    went 1 floor up brought the gw detector down to talk over
    He informed me {short timmer} (reconfiger) Soon we headed
    North.. Just then A CameraMan & INTERview_ER pasted CH1
    //tilt\\ Later I saw "hER" & him {camera toter} in the park
    getting ready to set UP. I saw NO Numbers on the Camera ?/?

    Time Day Date JD2453+ Age %il Distance V=Km/Hr MAYAN
    6:25 PM Mon 8/30/04 +248 15.8 98 378674km +197k/h 11CHICCHAN 8MOL
    gw report link
    6:44 AM 8/31/04 reSTATEment. The #1 gw News was the deployment of
    {the FeeMail from Japan} (with a Tripod/camera) to Cramer Hall 5PM
    Monday, at the time the 9-9 gw detector was near the hall computer2

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    6:55 PM 9/7/04 sqU/O^ie(A'misH ({ Regime })
    I looked up R3D3, (spelling according to Websters)
    3rd Regime, 2: a powerful group (maintains Position)
    3rd Dynasty, b. regular pattern of occurance
    dated {by me 12/09 2000} prior to a Mag 6 Quake of
    Dec 12th 2000. I'll include some later comments below
    ------------------?-data below begins in March of 2001
    09 # 161 well along about here I 2 FM
    10 # 160 Lost all interest in the 0
    11 # 158 effort and turned SSAG 8
    12 # 158 off completely as in MY 11 Q
    13 # 147 opinion THE EVENT was 2 Q
    14 # 142 now History and DONE4 4 Q 2 11
    15 # 136 192 4 2 11
    16 # 140 200 3 3/4
    17 # 134 205 6
    18 # 140 197 9
    19 # 147 192 4 2 12
    20 # HOEVER 153 dispite My 192 2
    21 # 159 disinterest 196 2 Q
    22 # Sun Spot 183 179 of course 15 Q
    23 # 9393 180 185 I had 9 1 5
    24 # came along 219 185 already 5 NM 2 11
    25 # anyway to 217 177 Lost 0
    26 # Make prime 264 175 interest 4
    27 # TIME local TV 273 171 YAWN 3 Q
    28 # news coverage 274 169 0 Q
    MY RESEARCH ENDED about April 1 of 2001, I felt, for myself
    that the above data was sufficient proof to me that gravity
    waves have indeed been detected on earth by that time. And
    that earthings are incapable of comprehending the fact. &
    that theres really no point in my thinking anything else.

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    What? Hey, what's the scoop guys--have gravity waves been detected?

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    the moon was new Just about an hour ago..?
    so its a good question.. the dictionay aswere would be NO.
    thats near the middle of the book after the M's and B4 O's

    enough sillinness thge reason the wave'S are lost in my above post
    the data is columnerized and much {MOST} of the content is just space
    the spaces get eliminated and displayed as DENSILY packed data
    on the LEFT.. and any truthfull facts about the waves get left out

    AS FAR AS YOUR question though?
    Cal teck{sp} & Mit spent lots of R&D
    developing dynisties to do LITTLE

    as far as I can tell, I once {years ago} had links to there page
    but its just a waist of time. Universities {in my opinion} JUST
    want {ENFORCEDLY so} you to be as stupid as they ARE (YUCK)2um

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    the Mk1 Mo0 {aka 2x9V} Gravity Wave Detector was returned to
    CAMPus today after a long absence
    do not expect anything soon however
    but be warned that the Mk0
    was recovered AT the end of last
    term WHEN CH59 was ?"cleaned out"?
    So it 2 is possible part of these tails trails?

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    8:20 FAB/Li
    anyway quite a lot has happened with the GW Detector
    1 i did take it to SB2 (2nd story} (STORY later)
    returned it to apt. resolder a connection etc.
    now there seams to be another problem
    I mad a wave file anyway.. even at very low volume

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    really I cannot find the old thread I call the 400 Million $ 1

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    20050223 push2FRONT

    SO? Monday at about 11 AM PST i moved the GIRLS
    Gravity Intensity Research Listening Site to the top of the "weighing Scales"
    {details when available}
    reconnected the disconnected 9 Volt battery ( 1 of 2 ) theres a Left& Right 9v
    so the unit is also called the :" (9x9) ": or just the Nine Volt {9V} for short

    tuesday: I rechecked the 9v and found it back near the Right entery door
    SB2/243}? which i've come to use as my exit
    the two nine volts were still in place {connected} and the unit was still ON
    and operational { getting "nothing happening" signals from Black holes etc}

    this mornong spoke to DP {while waiting for the computer lab to open} after 7

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    THURSDAY SB2 Hallway outside of 243
    1st :::"Physics"::: talks HARD:Soft ?
    2 exit West (Elevator) 1 North {SB1}
    this talk will be know by me as the BaseBall {HardBall}
    vs SoftBall (Soft Ball) discription
    it will mostly deal with Velocities
    and perhaps path lengths

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    push to top
    Gw now in SB! 41 1nd was seen Monday

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    Ye ah?
    anyway:? I've started on MOD2 Mod 1 and 0 are both at Apt 110 TODAY
    and Mod2 is just 5 341 Op Amps on a perf board
    I really have my doubts about EVERYthing
    I did go to Wackii Willies {because Radio Shack had no Quads}
    WW is out of buisness (Closed & Empty) trip for 0
    so back to RS and bougt 5ea 341's {all they had at $1/ea}
    Fall term may see a thread on Gravity {({WAVES})} at (click on X)
    Mostly i'll take a Math approach, New threads COMMING
    Matlab, WinPlot, QBasic, gnuplot, $Tella, & Ti-83 too

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    for the rest of the week
    i'll attempt to keep this
    topic on page one of "against" 9/7?

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    I thought this might be an interesting thread until I saw the mindless shouting.

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    according to an earlier post by foxd...i was thinking this thread was about the replication and usage of a solid state gravity wave detector based on the designs of Gregory Hodowanec.

    since none of the links work, it's hard to tell.

    i made one once...and it seemed to act like a if you waved your hand around in front of the detector it would alter the pitch/frequency of the audio output tone.

    hodowanec attached his devices to a strip chart recorder and pointed the detector at the smbh at the centre of the galaxy.

    supposedly he was able to detect stellar mass lumps falling into the smbh.

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