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Thread: ISM chemistry database

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    ISM chemistry database

    Here is my problem: I am doing a course on interstellar physics/chemistry, and every other day I run across a reaction which is apparently important in some part of the ISM. The trouble is that, in order to really understand what is going on, I need to look up formation rates, decomposition times, Einstein coefficients, et cetera. And for each reaction/molecule, this requires a bit of a literature search, which is time-consuming.

    What really spurred this is the exchange between HCO+ and CO. The forward reaction is through electron capture (dissociative recombination), while the backward is through a couple of routes (like CH5+ + H2), but probably mostly through CO+ + H2. The trouble is that I don't know how mostly, and I'd like to figure it out, but I'm really doing a search on five different reactions just to answer one question.

    And there are many such questions.

    So, in short, does anyone know of a handy reference for astrophysically relevant molecules? Pretty much anything would be helpful.

    Thank you!

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    All I'm saying is, chemistry and astronomy go together like oil & water

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    Well, yes... I read this one paper where they modelled a chemical network of about 4000 reactions, but only a fifth had actually been done in the lab. The rest was (educated) conjecture.

    Still, that's what makes it interesting! I'm starting to fall in love with gas-grain interactions, which go together like, well, sodium and water.

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