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Thread: Black Holes and Dark Matter

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    Black Holes and Dark Matter

    How do black holes and dark matter interact and how could we measure it?

    If dark matter only interacts with everything else through gravity, then it must be being pulled into black holes. If it is being pulled in, what happens as it falls in? Could there be a release of energy? Could clumping be affected?

    I know this question probably applies to a show that has already been written (#21), I'd love to hear about it.

    And if the question has already been asked, I apologize for asking it again.


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    OK, I'm gonna give a shot at answering this one, because Megan and I have been on a black hole/Dark matter kick. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. BTW forgive the 8 year-old terms, Megan is only 8 and I'm not the shapes pencil in the drawer.

    When a black hole dies, it puffs out either dark matter or what later decays into dark matter. (This is where I get in over my head a little) Dark matter has zero or near zero mass, so according to The Theory of Special Relativity it would travel at or near the speed of light. Since it's traveling so fast it would very hard to get caught by black hole. Also, the fact that it doesn't have mass, makes it difficult to measure. There are other factors to dark matter like hot and cold dark matter, but that is uuummm I hope the answer to you question

    Guess I should include my source so everybody can read it, and nobody thinks I'm some smarty pants =)

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    Three cosmic enigmas

    dark energy and dark matter, two of the greatest mysteries confronting physicists, may be two sides of the same coin. A new and as yet undiscovered kind of star could explain both phenomena and, in turn, remove black holes from the lexicon of cosmology

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