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Thread: What to read first?

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    Post What to read first?

    Hi! I joined on this forum this week.

    Soz for asking, but I was hoping someone could point me to any particularly relevant posts that I should have a read of first, so I can get involved here?

    Thanks! Mike

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    Relevant to what? Welcome to the boards.

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    mgladstonez, it really depends on what you are most interested in. Are you looking for anything specific?

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    Read the FAQ, pointer above.

    Skim the sticky topics at the top of each subforum. When you find yourself reading "Rules For Posting To This Board", read carfully.
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    Welcome, mgladstones. One thing you probably should read is the forum rules. A couple of minutes spent now may save you some nasty little surprises later. They're a little stricter than most places.

    Other than that, any of my threads and posts are a must read. Scientific studies show any number of medical benefits can be had just from reading my posts as a regular daily five minute regimen. (He's lying.) These benefits may include (but might not be limited to, or even exist):

    * An average gain of five IQ points. (That's Internet Quotient, not Intelligence Quotient)
    * Clearing up any acne you might have (On your toenails. All bets are off anywhere else.)
    * Improving your night vision an average of one full point. (No more walking into doors at night. Much.)
    * Eliminates unsightly hair (On your toenails. Again, all bets are off...)
    * Improving your memory (Though I forget how, exactly.)
    * Infinite understanding (Or at least help understanding infinity courtesy of that certain nameless thread.)
    * Repelling rogue elephants (Why, do you see any?)
    * Getting in shape. (Round's a shape, right?)
    * And Beck. (No idea, really.)

    As you can see, reading my posts grants any number of useful benefits. (Zero's a perfectly legitimate number.)
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