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Thread: "create your own character" story game

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    "create your own character" story game

    I want to create a fantasy game and see where it goes. Anyone may participate in this game, but they must create their own characters. They can be whomever they wish, and control as many characters as desired, but only their own. They cannot control the actions of a character they did not create. In initially introducing a character, you must state the name of that character, where the character resides (preferably within the scope of whatever landscape is already set or close by), what they do, and some general physical features. In each post, one should describe some of the landscape that character sees and what they are doing, or if interacting with another character, what they are saying to whom. I will start the setting with a long dirt road that connects two main cities, Yumilare to the west and Longshire to the east. Yumilare is a large city, contains a palace within its walls, and controls most of the land. Longshire is mainly a farming community, but is known also for its philosophers and innovations. The dirt road between them passes through very dense woods with a beautiful lake on one side and a swamp on the other. The rest of you can fill in the details and story line from here. Enjoy!

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    My character is a boy named Chobi, he's from the city Yumilare. He's the son of wealthy merchant that deals in rare goods. He's on a journey to Longshire looking for interesting merchandise to be acquired for his father's shop. He's accompanied by his wisecracking fat white cat, Moodoe. Moodoe can mindlink with Chobi and speak if he feels like it. Chobi is 16 and this is his first trip of this sort on his own. Since he is only making an inspection and not purchase, he is not carrying large cash or a caravan to transport goods. This should keep him safe from highwaymen and being defrauded by unscrupulous sellers. If he is successful at locating quality products, he will earn the respect of his father and be given greater responsibility. Unfortunately, he is a bit of a dreamer and easily distracted.
    He is of normal build with plain and ordinary features that are not unpleasant, nor overly handsome. He does have strikingly brilliant green eyes. His white cat is enormously fat and much bigger than the average house cat. Moodoe is the size of a medium sized dog and has six toes on each paw. Chobi found him when he was still a kitten, barely as big as a chihuahua. They have been together ever since.
    They are traveling along the main road, just starting on their journey with not a care in the world.

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    ray is boy, about 14 (no one knows about his past so we can't be sure),he has gray eyes which are barley seen under his bundle of coal black hair ,and ussually wears an old gray shirt under a black cloak, which covers his face whenever in public spaces, dark brown pants, brown boots and black gloves; a lone wolf ,ray, is a little on the moody side, very sarcastic but has had a hard life since his parents died and was almost taken to an orphanage, he ussualy travels with a shapeshifting creature named scipio,he is traveling the world in search of adventures and travels with only a bow, a quiver full of arrows and a sword he took from his old house.

    scipio is ussualy the one who keeps ray from being too serious and having the fun a 14 year old shoud have, a wise cracking jokester, scipio, always has somthing up his sleeve ,or paw, to get ray to laugth or at least smile, he ussualy travels as a young wolf with black, smooth fur, similar to his partner's attitude, but can change int any animal and is mortally afraid of fire as his family was killed by it, he was found as a wolf pup by ray right after the fire and the have been together since

    Ray is now sitting ant the edge of the lake ,skipping pebbles while scipio sleeps next to him in wolf form
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    Fleet commander Zog, from the Yardoz empire. He sits in the flagship Battle Destroyer in orbit obove this primative planet, (where all the other characters are). In the fleet are forty other ships including cruisers, Battle Destroyers fighter carriers and troop ships.

    He is resplendant in his battle armour and is kitted out with cyborg enhancements. He is totally loyal to his emperor who has now decided to invade and annex this puny planet.

    Zog is ruthless and once ordered the murder of women and children to demoralise an opposing group of town defenders who were very lightly armed. His cruelty is legendary, which is why he is on this mission. Or is it to keep him away from the court of the emperor.

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    (I Think I may have inadvertently killed this thread)

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    Blem is a Deck Cleaner, Sub-Grade 2 on the Battle Destroyer. He is one of the most incompetent creatures in the Universe and is barely able to use a mop without pocking one of his visual orbs out. However, he comes from an important family in the Empire, and so they were able to get him some sort of job in the Military Caste.

    Today he is down in the Engineering Decks, mopping the floors under the guts of the Dichromic Power Units. The clearances are tight, less than 2 teebs in spots, and so it doesn't get cleaned too often. Blem is energetically trying to scrub off all the scuz, banging the mop handle into just about everything.

    Suddenly, the mop glance off a pipe and into an open power conduit. Showers of sparks and smoke pour out of the conduit. The DPU suddenly starts groaning and shaking. "Oh boy, I'm in trouble now!".

    Meanwhile, up on the bridge, banks of warning lights turn a sinister infra-violet color and warning signals sound their sub-sonic tones.
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    Moodoe wrinkled his pink nose with distaste. Do you smell something? he asked Chobi via mindlink.
    "There is a foul taste to the atmosphere..." Chobi replied noncommitedly. He glanced up at a glint in the sky. His eyes widened with surprise and delight and he exclaimed, "looks like free scrap metal from the Yardoz empire falling to terra firma!" He whooped with joy.
    The planet had been disguised as primative for close to 3 millenia, the best kept secret in this sector of space. It was not uncommon for aggressive alien civilizations to be be drawn in by the seemingly easy pickin's of the planet, only to be snared by the most advanced technology known to sentient beings. The clever trap led to boons of rare metals and many of the baubles and trinkets enjoyed by his fathers clientele. An enterprising entrepenuer could usually lure in several large space ships in a good season, dismantle them and transmatter the useles debris to another solar system before anyone was the wiser. It was a highly regulated type of gleaning that required expertise and the occaisional memory modification if any outgoing communication was detected. Messy business having to fly to another planet and drop memory modification bombs. Very expensive but required by law and strictly enforced. Their planetary secret had to be preserved, afterall.
    With any luck he should be able to reach wreckage and possible survivors and salvage them for resale at his father's shop before the government run pick-up crews beat him to it. He relished the thought of merchandising with no costly overhead, sure he could bribe government lackeys but why waste the shekels?
    He whipped out his tracking device and pinpointed the exact location, type of orbiting craft, and probable nature of distress. The invisible outer grid of the planet's upper atmosphere was designed to wreak havoc on alien technologies.
    "Looks like we got a Battle Destroyer with a compromised main circuit controller!" he cried happily, "doesn't even look like we'll have to bother generating bogus transmissions to create the illusion that the ship was disabled and destroyed by fluke. . . It is a legitimate snafu!! And they're coming down hard and fast, escape pods. . . Tracking locked on three pods. . . Looks like the two man pod units, probably hoping to escape before the Destroyer auto destructs. . . Man, we hit the jackpot today, Moodoe!"
    Chobi locked on his trajectory manipulator and over rode the simple circuitry of the pods. He redirected them to maximum propulsion and programmed a stable landing near the lake. A nice isolated area of the lake where he could examine his prize shielded from the prying, grasping eyes of the local despot. He happily contemplated the profits as he sprinted toward the rondevous point. Moodoe slinked behind him at a more dignified and leisurely pace.
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    Falcon is 19 year old male he has a long leather coat with a white eagle on the back with black trousers and boots he was camping in the swamp with his younger brother James they made a maze of rooms in the middle of the swamp up in the trees.
    Falcon and James were in hiding from the emperor’s fleet of ships for the attempt assassination of the emperor him self and destruction machinery and death of storm troopers.
    Falcon and James were seeking revenge because the emperor killed there parents publicly for starting a rebellion against him.
    Before the assassination they both worked transporting crates which had a substance in it that only the emperor and his best storm troopers knew what was in them but whatever it was Falcon and James soon knew what it did.
    One of the crates was dripping and as Falcon lifted it the substance touched there skin it grew and cocooned his as if it was consuming him it then continued over his hole body as James ran hearing his screams when he finally got there he paused looking at it then he immediately started scratching at it trying to grab the green substance.
    The substance then consumed James and slowly it was absorbed into there skins but after that day they were able to change into creatures Falcon changes into this black bird like being the change would happen when Falcon would become enraged he would change into this creature, James on the other hand would become a Lizard creature but unlike Falcon he can change at will because he has more self control.

    Back in the swamp Falcon and James were searching for food in the woods they split up Falcon went towards the lake and James towards Yumilare but still in the woods,
    Falcon slowly looked around the beautiful trees with animal rustling in the brown dead leaves on the floor he then turns and looks back an the his home, the swamp with the broken branches and slime filled stream he turns back at the trees and continues his search for food.
    All of a sudden he hears some one singing

    “Teri berry...quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
    Width, silver, bells, cockle, shells, and prithe made all in aureole”
    He was holding scrap metal by the lake Falcon starts to creep closer then jumps back as he can hear his brother run through the ground in his lizard form
    “Hay Falcon I fond three rabbits” he whispers as he changes back to his human form
    Falcon still looking at the boy
    “What’s a matter Falcon?”
    “Nothing… lets go home” they start to cook the meat Falcon with the fire and James ripping of the flesh with his scaly claws.

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    Teri Berry snapped off her karaoke machine and sighed as she looked at the handfull of nuts and greens that were to be her dinner for the umpteenth time. However fine is was, living as a renegade monk on the lam from her rigid monastary, the food was somewhat unappealing.
    As she was chewing the tough nuts, her nose caught an unmistakeable whiff of roasted meat. Her mouth instantly watered and she looked around. Her squinty eyes caught a faint wisp of smoke rising up only a few hundred yards away. She scrabbled to her feet and slung the karaoke machine over her shoulder with familiar ease. She ambled off silently, allowing her nose to lead the way.
    Shortly, she was rewarded with a glimpse upon a small clearing. She was startled to spy a youth and a reptilian creature companionably enjoying what appeared to be freshly roasted rabbit. Her mouth watered again as she stared hungrily into the clearing. She started forward eagerly, a greeting ready to burst from her mouth.
    "What are you thinking?" she heard a voice whisper harshly, "They could be minions of evil!" the voice added urgently as rather scruffy angel of light appeared at her elbow.
    "Whoever they may be, they appear friendly and easily befriended by the likes of me." Teri replied in an offhand manner. "Besides, I walk in the light with an angel or three, what harm can find me?"
    "Don't be so trusting and you may survive to fulfill your destiny!" another voice replied as a tall angel with dark hair and tattoos of angel script on his arms admonished.
    "Yeah, what he said" a third angel added in a bored voice as he cleaned his fingernails with his flaming sword.
    Teri rolled her eyes condescendingly but stopped moving forward and crouched down to observe the two in the clearing.

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    "I'm sorry" Said Garth Branigan, the not so famous Hollywood producer as he silenced the two writer geeks who were giving their overly long synopsis of a film plot.

    "It's too complicated, too expensive and besides people will think it is a Star Wars rip off" then he added, why not take that to Fox, they need a real good turkey to teach them a lesson.

    The two writers were crest fallen as they slunk out of the office
    "I told you that idea of the planet appearing to be a back water but was really a super tech planet was dumb" one said to the other.

    Garth rubbed his eyes, and took two asprins for his migraine and made a mental note to fire whatever oik had let those jokers in, in the first place.

    It was approaching six in the evening, and he had a six thiry appointment at the bar down town with Mitzy, an aspiring starlet, he thought he could exploit.

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    My character is a 24 year old guy by the name of Pete (Peter). He owns a tea plantation and a small (but nice and cozy) house just outside of Longshire. His physical appearances are quite pleasant, he's tall and handsome. Pete is well-known in the area for his excellent teas, and his blends sell very well in Longshire and especially in Yumilare.

    Its about 7:09 PM, the air is still warm after a hot summer day and the sun is just settling down. Pete is sitting on a patio overlooking his entire plantation in his overly comfortable lawn chair, simply enjoying the summer evening while sipping on a cold ice tea.

    Everything had a soft reddish tint to it, as the Yardoz Battle Destroyer self destructed in the atmosphere, creating a marvelous display of fireworks. Pete smiled and thought to himself: "Thats the third one this year." With a quick glance at the pitcher, Pete poured himself another glass of ice tea using his telekinesis power.

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