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Thread: Shuttle SRB Marking Schemes?

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    Shuttle SRB Marking Schemes?

    This is my first thread, though I've lurked around quite a bit.

    I've been in the process of building a series of space shuttle models. Since I've been dedicated to getting them right, I've had to delve into the KSC and JSC photo albums, and basically whatever photos I could find of the shuttles, from STS-1 to present. I've built two full shuttle stacks so far (STS-1 and 51-L,) and while I hadn't given it much thought before, I've wondered about the markings on the SRBs. I e-mailed Thiokol about these over a week ago, though I doubt I'll get a response.

    From what i've been able to tell, there are three major schemes that have been used, based on the frustum/forward segments. The first one, used up to 41-D, was unmarked. From Discovery's maiden flight to some time around STS-61, there were some strange, glyph-like black markings on the frustums. Here's an example.

    Following ~STS-61, the glyphs have been removed, but the black band around the left-hand motor is still present.

    I've also noticed four black rectangles painted on the SRBs prior to 51-D. I'm not certain what these were for, either.

    In addition to this, there are also several "dots" on the frustum. I believe there are six per SRB, but I do not know their function. My assumption has been they may have had something to do with their recovery.

    Thanks for any help.


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    If you're feeling really anal, you can order the book at the bottom of this page. Looks as if it would tell you all you need to know and then some.

    You might also find this discussion of interest.
    Everything I need to know I learned through Googling.

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