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Thread: What's this?

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    What's this?

    I'm working on a new podcast with Dr. Pamela Gay of Slacker Astronomy fame. I'm just setting up the infrastructure, so more details shortly.

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    Smile Astronomy Cast

    I just heard the first podcast tonight and it was done quite well! I think most of the facts were presented properly and you both interacted with each other like you were in the same room. I am a suscriber to Universe Today and Bad Astonomer and enjoy them both.

    I'm not familiar with Slacker Astronomy, but I intend to dive in.

    Well done to both of you!


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    I'm a fan of Slacker Astronomy and will miss that format. But I hope to learn a lot from Astronomy Cast. Here's to a great collaboration.

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    Just listened to the 1st show. Well done!

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    I liked all 3. Pamela's "teaching" style really comes through in this new format - you two make a great team!

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    I just downloaded and listened to several episodes today. Good stuff. I'm an old Slacker Astronomy fan and this kind of reminds me of SA all grown up.

    Hmmm.... Universe Today - any Babylon 5 fans here?

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