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OK, i've found thye name of the book - it is called "A Wrinkle in Time".

Space equals time, in other words."
...And Space cannot possibly equal time, because space exists in 3 axis (x, y & z)
How can time exist in any more than one?

One is then assuming that time is at least linear. Though there may seem to be a "direction" to time, that is largely for simplification.

Since time travel cannot be validated, and seems to have completely destructive paradoxes associated with it moving in the opposite direction, for now, I'm assuming time is not a linear function except to linear-beings... like us.

I'm heading more towards zero-point fields and string theory, which don't have such hangups.
Thanks for the explanation, are you saying that there are 3 time dimensions but beings like us, cannot travel in more than one? That's not so hard to understand. Oh, and what on earth are zero-point fields?

And no, Jason Tesser is not a charecter in the book.

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