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Thread: A Letter to Mr. Plait.

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    A Letter to Mr. Plait.

    I've been wanting to write this for a long time now. Your work is not in vain.

    As I'm sure you know, the Apollo Hoax crowd is not a new phenomenom. It wasn't evented with the Internet. I've had to deal with it since at least the mid '70s. But I lacked most of the information I needed to give intelligent and conclusive counter arguments. If you others out there who read this think the Hoax crowd is unpleasant in forums and such, try dealing with them face to face. They tend to spit a lot while talking. It got worse as generations were born after the fact and of course they "knew better".

    Then several years ago I found references to your site while surfing for astronomy info, for reasons of general self enrichment. I distinctly remember not linking to your site several times, thinking the last thing I needed in my life was more "Bad Astronomy". It wasn't until I read a review of your site that actually spelled out what was going on that I realized I had it 180 degrees out of phase.

    I read darn near your entire site that first night. It was like a breathe of cool air on a balmy night. A lot of simple, calm answers to questions that are not obvisious to the non technical went a long way towards bringing about half the folks I knew who thought this way back toward the side of reason, and made the rest not want to bring it up anymore. That in itself was a relief.

    Then One Day at The Palo Alto VA Hospital...

    I encountered this individual. You probably know of him. He claims to be a former NASA scientist, rocket engineer and the victim of a Goverment attempt on his life. Had a stroke will sitting at a library that he claims was induced by someone injecting the back of his neck with a small pellet ala that guy the Russians killed in England with the modified umbrella. On a human to human level he aroused mainly pity on my part as the stroke left him disabled and unable to speak. Because of the Ad Homenim rule here I won't say his name.

    But he was passing out business card sized pieces of paper to a small crowd that brought up several false facts (oxymoron?) that your site so well debunks. I walked up to the head of the crowd and stated my intent right up front. A lot of the folks thought I was going to be rude, hostile or demeaning and looked at me askance. I was none of those things. And then I shot down in order:

    The why no stars line. I explained the asa220 film can't pick out stars without totally overexposing the foreground. At the recommendation of your website I took pictures with and without the stars and you were right, though I have since lost the photos. I told him so.

    The no exhaust from the lander as it took off line. I got him there too. (I guess I don't have to give all the answers you already know)

    He tried the not nearly enough power to get off the Moon line.

    The dust wasn't right and the flapping/ nonflapping flag and so on.

    The only answer I didn't have at my finger tips was the reason the Van Allen belts and cosmic rays didn't fry the astonauts as they were leaving and re-entering the Earth. (As a matter of fact I still haven't relooked that up.) And he grabbed on that like a drowning man grabs at straws. Sorry, I felt I let you down there.

    Still, I had made the point. The crowd had wandered away from him to go about the lives and I myself made a point to sit down next to him and try to fathom this individual. I didn't get anywhere but at least I tried.

    What I really hate about this and the UFO's built the pyramids and the Easter Island heads or any such like is the denial of the wonderousness of the human mind and spirit that such points of view imply. The classic fallicy "Because I can't figure it out means nobody can".

    Thank you for the help.

    Time wasted having fun is not time wasted - Lennon
    (John, not the other one.)

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    Yeah, Phil pretty much rocks. Yay, Phil!

    "Now everyone was giving her that kind of look UFOlogists get when they suddenly say, 'Hey, if you shade your eyes you can see it is just a flock of geese after all.'"

    "You can't erase icing."

    "I can't believe it doesn't work! I found it on the internet, man!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDon
    ...ala that guy the Russians killed in England with the modified umbrella.
    Minor nitpick:

    The Bulgarian secret police did the hit. The umbrella was most probably KGB issue and, of course, nothing that overt would have been done in '78 without a Kremlin blessing, in my opinion.

    Georgi Markov was a Bulgarian defector working for the BBC. For those not familiar with the incident.

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    Another voice of reason in a mad world!

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