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Thread: $50K Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

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    $50K Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

    April 7, 2006
    "..This weekend, the [USARPS] league will hold its first national championship in Las Vegas. In a setup fashioned after boxing, [264] competitors from across the country will advance from ring to ring until the champion is crowned..."
    San Diego Tribune
    Now they tell us!

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    I'm curious to know what can be said in a strategy book for RPS.
    Forming opinions as we speak

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    Well, it would probably list the Ten Basic Rules, good for one page at least...

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    Re: $50K Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

    Zapp: It was almost the perfect crime, but you forgot one thing: Rock crushes scissors. [He realises something.] But paper covers rock...and scissors cut paper. Kif, we have a conundrum. [Kif sighs.] Search them for paper, and bring me a rock.
    -from Brannigan, Begin Again

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    "Faithful rock. Rock always wins."

    Lisa: "Paper."

    Bart: "D'oh!"

    "Now everyone was giving her that kind of look UFOlogists get when they suddenly say, 'Hey, if you shade your eyes you can see it is just a flock of geese after all.'"

    "You can't erase icing."

    "I can't believe it doesn't work! I found it on the internet, man!"

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    What? No tiger hand? No pen missile? Sheesh, what kind of game is that? [Edit: Boisterous language in link. Nothing too major, though.]
    "Words that make questions may not be questions at all."
    - Neil deGrasse Tyson, answering loaded question in ten words or less
    at a 2010 talk MCed by Stephen Colbert.

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    Apparently; no-one here reads the strange news thread. I beat you all to it.

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