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Thread: TNM : HP(ch59)

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    <a name="JD2452708.SAS"> page JD2452708.SAS aka "SHADOWS"
    On 2003-03-09 11:44, HUb's 486 wrote2: HUb's 386
    the "plaze" web cam worked ok ? Great
    here on the 486/100 ?28.8 /GUI ?:? good 4 U
    and i did download yesterdays 811Meg movie
    yet to be viewed? ?yes the viewing went fine
    ------------------- watched it twice at least
    Now that i've returned to the 386 {much Quieter}(etc)
    & much faster {in a slower way}(no graphics)
    logic seams to me anyway: to exist on a different level? {BWUW}
    ===================================== OK BACK to UFl movie::
    I call it "Shadows" cause thats what appears
    to stand out from my viewpoint..Yes there are
    people movement times .. I didn't try to
    measure it out. Noon time seams to stand out
    as the tree shadows are short..
    hat clearly comes to my mind is Poising?
    suppose one were to decide to take a prop
    a larger sign maybe 4by4 or even a large
    cardboard box & place it on the central oval
    say When the Sun was just at such and such &
    angle.. You could then hop into the box..
    call it the 3PM BOX HOP {if thats the right angle} and have your Grand Stand. mov E

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    yeah? its true i've already turned shades of
    blue & GREEN with envy.. I wonder if PSU has
    any ANYWHERE {oh me OH my}9 pi in the sky

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    Jul 2002
    Blue and orange. [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I am glad you got the time lapsed movie working. That is really cool to shee the shadpow of the building race across the plaza.

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    I just wish i could get the "student" audio
    to work.. so far not one peep..
    I searched around psu for a simular
    wecam but it was fewtile..
    retried the Quickaudio but it just
    says i need quick audio
    and theres already a mini icon down
    in the lowere right corner of windows
    near the volume control icon?
    mysterious stuff? back to config.php = 0 bytes

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    What audio? I don't get any audio messages.

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    <a name="JD2452708.Au"> page JD2452708.Au aka "_-AUDIO-_"
    On 2003-03-09 16:48, g99 wrote: To? Ag
    What audio? I don't get any audio messages.
    8:37 P.M. yeah very GOOD question.. years ago { i think it was 97 or 98 }
    the year they installed the Math Lab computers
    one term they had some Mac computers in one of the computer labs
    I was in there one day when a couple of sharpies were playing
    those sets.. it appeared what they were doing was recording some text
    and then they would play it back first the Sound was Maryln Monrow the W.C. Fields
    it was so funny everone in that computer lab about fell off their computer chairs laughing.. Really funny. Next term I went back and those computers had been removed {see me2me next post}

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    <a name="JD2452708.AA"> page JD2452708.AA aka AAAaaaGggggarf
    On 2003-03-09 23:34, HUb' wrote: To: 8:45 P.M. HUb'
    So the next sound byte came just this past year {4 or 5 years later}
    I heard that Mac{intosh} was comming out with 10.? also called X
    what it means is Mac's switch over 2 UNIX
    ok so i ponied up some bucks to Join the band
    and found out you ask for a Jaguar
    that due out in June or July after the new
    fiscal plan for educations {DISTRIBUTED}?
    if thtas the word {I don't know} So yeah PSU
    already had 10.11 ? installed when i got my hall passes all
    rubberstamped so i could hear the audio portion of one
    of the Apollo crews from a link back maybe it was in Dec? but it worked OK once i fould out where to plug in my earphones { that is the Macs worked } I do not recall getting the other set to do this ? its been a while & i've lost interest

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    ahhh I get it.
    I'm sorry you had to work with a mac. I know you like working with outdated computers, but ianything is better than a mac. [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I really have no clue why i don't like macs. Maybe b/c it reminds me of McDonalds. Or that there are no good games out for it. Or the fact that my older brother loves them and i am just silently protesting and ushering in a new age of sibling rivalry.

    Ahhh....The complexities of life. Desicions, decisions.

    By the way Hub' I have been wondering. How old are you? You are currrently taking classes (or are you a professor?) yet you talk about experiences in the 50's. A conundrum (sp?) if i have to say.

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    <a name="JD2452709.JD"> page JD2452709.JD aka JD2452709
    On 2003-03-09 23:55, g99 wrote: To? JD HUb'
    yeah?yeah: U ask my age {in Years}(obviously)
    actually i DO NOT use that methode of counting {age}
    i count each day (well actuall I dont) but if i did, I DO..
    its very much like i do not use a 26 letter alphabet
    I use one with more letters than are on a computer keyboard
    pure silliness i know, but i prefer NOT to use 26
    So I say when questioned I use the Spanish alphabet
    whic depending on whic computer you ask has 28 or 30..
    ok back to you numbers {base 10}? i was born 1/26/38
    so you can use todays date 3-3-10 to compute an age
    in years.. now to the chase Butterfield & I went to the
    Margret Mead {free film} thingee at REED {see next post2}

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    <a name="JD2452709.R"> page JD2452709.R aka REEDii's
    On 2003-03-10 09:41, HUb' wrote: To 6:51 A.M. HUb'
    Ok so as the tail turns: We, Butterfield & I arived at
    Reed about 1/2 past 6 so we had time to find
    Vollum Hall.. & other distinations. He? Butterfield,
    had attended REED 49-50 and was acting as the tour Guide.
    --- Anyway we acomplished what was intended &
    arived at the film showing: A PSU proffessor
    {I'll call "HER" S.C for short} was introduced
    with a round of applause {maybe 50-100} as the
    introducee: to the film.. Filmed in China..
    of a Mass Migration {East to West} in the spring
    of train loads of "Migrants" from down town?
    out to pick cotton {BWUW} After the intro/film start
    We, Db&Me, left as the Grand Tour was over & Db
    didn't want to miss the Blazers {which had a late start}?
    whatever. It was a grand tour. Hip Hop {spin a top} & the Mead movie will be at PSU in April {End of Age}=7:02 A.M.

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    So lets see...2004-1938 (or was it 1838? [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]) Umm...Give me a sec... Carry the two...subtract seven...piRsquared...the weight of one pie opan filled with whip cream multiplied by the size of a goose egg...Dangit, i knew i should of taken a higher math!

    O.K. "Rachel! Where's my Calculator?"

    Ahh here it is:

    Phew! If you think that is hard, you should see me try to make microwave popcorn.

    [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img] Thanks.

    So do you attend PSU or are a professor?

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    <a name="JD2452709.2D"> page JD2452709.2D aka Today. 3-3-10
    1. actually neithor exactly..I Audit?
    2. my true and actual reason for returning
    3. {remember i dont like being around CAMPus}
    4. (durring these filmings of Made for Prime Time, nightlys)
    5: but i sort of told Newman {the 1 day we talked}
    6: that when the time came i would take a shot at?
    7: this TNM THing.. wich is what i do DO? {BWUW}
    8. So today I went back up to 596 Millar
    9: had a rather long {UM?} Q/&/A with Cathy
    - Croghan Alzner.. Mostly about my not being
    1. able to put my hands on the newman "CASE"
    2 file {see translation} Ok about the Audio?
    3 {see next post}
    5 that should click thru to where the "Audio"s at?

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    1st from the Easy access unit in CH59________
    I could click thru using IE and______________
    realaudio{?} got the picture and moving lips_
    but no sound.. Quick didnt work?_____________
    I think what was wrong was the just install N
    on that set and theres no sound card driver__
    pluss there are no speakers or earphone missi
    -- then i tried the Mac 10's in 112{?}SH and_
    I could get the lips & hear the sound {faintl
    I'll admitt not doing my Mac momonents so I__
    did not know how to duke the volumn but it wa
    working REAL{time} Quick {?} did not work on_
    the MacX's eithor so my guess is 4get Quick a
    as that did work on the Mac' now back to
    Exiting via interrupt: 2
    whoowe.. that was strange to say the least?
    so later for this version of what really happened?

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    The audio worked for me. Maybe they have the speakers muted at school or the audio player was muted. Try checking the preferences.

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    <a name="JD2452710.rq"> page JD2452710.rq aka R?Q
    On 2003-03-11 00:29, g99 wrote: To? 7:20 A.M. HUb'
    The audio worked for me. Maybe they have the speakers muted at school or the audio player was muted. Try checking the preferences.
    are you saying both Real & Quick worked?
    or 1 or the other.. its unclear..
    My point for today was: {maybe} that I could
    not get Quick to work {Even on Mac 10's}
    My guess theres a driver to install to get REAL..
    I've been busy elswhere so am at a loss? on that TOSS? 7:25 A.M.

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    Only tried Real, but that worked perfectly. Sorry.

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    On 2003-03-11 12:18, g99 wrote:
    Only tried Real, but that worked perfectly. Sorry.
    afirmative on that.. I guess it will be June
    B4 Quick {upDATES}? anwyay {later} 9:19 P.M.

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    <a name="JD2452711.IU"> page JD2452711.IU aka IURS
    IURS: the International Universe Rotation
    March 12, 2003 12:57 A.M. pst? ANYWAY?
    IT SEAMS: that TNM {Tom Newman (Minutes)}
    "have Ratacheted" (whatever this means)
    I was in Washington {shoping} & saw some stuff
    that looked like gatorAID to me {Colored water}
    i bought a six pac of "Blue" for 98 cents
    the label mentions Coka Cola & 5cent return in MN.
    it containd 10%Daily of B6 & B12 as i recall? More later on Rotating the labels

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    March 14th {shut down site PENDING}

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    <a name="JD2452713.Pi"> page JD2452713.Pi aka Piersn
    i did disconect the page links on
    http://web.pdx.edx/~pdx00782 Pending...?
    on the real front.. "THE Printer" has a hand written note
    its been disconected from {old} & reconected to (NEW).
    Man? what a Joke/ anyway the Grad stu'$ were in chnging #1 to 3
    Not (New) and a man was watching the hall.. He Had a Mac (LapTOP) / eerphones
    and watched me as i took tras to the trash..
    So I ask him about his Apple and he told me he had the AirPort..
    {um a radio unit} and could pick up the RF "comming" from eithor Room 1 or R17.. {as the Winter term ends}

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    To? C&H

    3-4-14.3:58 A.M. utc
    ---------------------part 1 of ?
    Linkname: About THOMAS
    Charset: iso-8859-1 (assumed)
    Server: Web
    Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 03:52:05 GMT
    check the date closely I think its in GMT
    really i do not know if the GreenWitch clock tower
    is devided into two 1/2's BST (aka ** time) & GMT {aka GM Time}
    or not.. maybe those on the Isle could clarify
    ???????? yes: of course CH I was dissappointed 3/26 {its 4-14} La1 is due Tues { hark do I hear a Lark }
    probably its an Avanti.. ah Time passeth

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    Re: To? C&H & CHant AS A 7

    Quote Originally Posted by HUb'
    3-4-14.3:58 A.M. utc
    ---------------------part 1 of ?
    Linkname: About THOMAS
    this could well be another MEDICAL bum stear
    however 3-4-14.4:08 A.M. maybe not
    IF you "take" the trip
    REMember its the 99th congress
    HB1613 I think it was
    anyway SB 707 for a mor positivfisted approach
    now back to Pi
    OR 22/7
    thats #22 of 7 for you treckies
    ???????? yes: of course CH I was dissappointed 3/26 {its 4-14} La1 is due Tues { hark do I hear a Lark } a letter a day
    probably its an Avanti.. ah Time passeth

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    Quote Originally Posted by HUb'
    &lt;a name="20030308.SOF"> page 20030308.SOF aka SO F
    On 2003-03-05 08:21, kilopi wrote: TO: 12:19 P.M. pst
    On 2003-02-27 17:52, g99 wrote:
    Technically both universities were created at the same time. FSU was a all girls school and UF a all guys school. (or was it the other way around? Can't remember).
    Burt Reynolds went to 'nuff said. OR ?
    So this is the new man memorial? What have you got so far?
    THE golf games were on NBC {CH8} Woods et all
    I guess i've got a coffe house location {days maybe week(TERMS) away? 12:21 P.M.[/quote]
    Tuesday May 13 from CH145C07 about 8:36 AM PDT
    finished moving to 1126 SW 12th Ave. #110 ..
    Portland Oregon 97205.. /no phone.. so no net connection for 3/4.86's

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    ahhhh.....Phew! i can feel better now. Thanks for coming back hub. :-)

    So how did the classes go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by g99
    ahhhh.....Phew! i can feel better now. Thanks for coming back hub. :-)

    So how did the classes go?
    I guess "YOU" heard i got ban(d){sp?} no a spelling corrector would not
    help .. maybe a dictionary { currently at library DOWNTOWN }
    AnyWay I got banded from entering into Room CH59 at least
    summer term { and cannot take Geology then eithor }
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::
    not sure long term what this term means
    last time I saw the department head ... he did speak {1 word}
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????
    as far as KC .. i don't know .. last I recall he said he would offer
    me a Computer Course summer term so maybe thats the 1? see Letters

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    New News

    there does exist some news
    1: the DEpt. Head are {at least sort of} on speaking terms
    2: I paid my $30.00: for a day in sept
    3: CurrenLy 9/26
    on another front, dialog with INSIDE CH59
    reveals that f_plot does not dispaly on some MatLat versions?
    and it would appear that everone in the dept {GEOL} returned
    at about the same time
    oh by the way the 9/26 day is call pliestcene {check spelling}
    and that compares / contrasts with Miocene &amp; Eocene
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???
    take you pick.. if you interested
    {umin the number of time the phone rings etc.etc}

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    My Letters

    to myself?
    Today i logged in here 8:37 from computer terminal CH147C09
    {um? thats room 147 of Cramer Hall } using Mozillla
    as i've been comparing the letters on my web site
    using the three ?"Browsers"? available at "this location"
    &amp; I get three different results
    DEPENDING on whiich browser i connet in on
    so heres my question for you X_sperts
    how do i write the stuff
    so it looks about the same
    no mater where I log into it from
    NO MATTER witch browser
    and irrreguardless of my path {that morning}
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::. 7/27---|---430------------------1230------------------------8------|----
    . 5:30AM Sunday? checking? "the MOON" should be rising North of East in Gemini
    . near Castor &amp; Polux, not far NW of Saturn? Orion to rising due East. In an
    . hour Venus followed shortly by the Sun? SkyGlobe? puts Sunrize at about 6:30
    . For the moment let me just say, Finished my grapefruit 1/2 already. Twilights
    . here already, &amp; the Crows caw too. Else its plenty Quiet, waiting A new Day
    . 7/28===|===530===================115================ ========9======|====
    . an HOUR fast? see &lt;a href="030729"> LetterT4ch&lt;/a>
    . 7/29:::|:::630:NM::::::::::::::::215:::::::::::::::: ::::::::9::::::|::::
    ?????????? selected LETTERs from ??????????
    as YOU can easily compute (THERE ARE NONE)
    8:35AM 1AUG03 edit of this ABOVE "ARCHIVE"
    its not correct for this site &amp; I did not change it today
    { forgot the computers' PART CH147C09 / Netscape }
    2nd Edit 8:47AM PDT using Mozilla
    -------links to letters below---------&lt;br>
    ____________CH Pill_oso_PH.y__________
    ====WEEK 2 weak====itteration

    not sure about this eithor 1checed ok so I guess its GOOD2go?

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    I did http the list but wont reload it pending talks

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    just as i suspected Gray jumpped in and TMN neads to reposition

    Friday 8/8 9:28am PDT now 2my search for neadertall? so later for Y

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    push 4 d

    BLUE 8/1810:37 am PDT Friday 8/22 Default color
    anyway the default color looks to me like its the same color as BLACK
    8/25 the hit count was around 730
    8/26 OR = 747 YEAHH 17/DAY
    [color=yellow]8/28 count was
    9/16 2003 hit count over 800

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