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Thread: I may feature your photo in Universe Today

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    I may feature your photo in Universe Today

    Post your pictures to this section of the forum, and I might choose them to feature in Universe Today. To help out the readers, make sure you post some details about your photograph.
    • When and where you took the photo
    • What equipment you used
    • Any special techniques you used, imaging software
    • Link to your website so people can see more of your photos

    Here's a page showing all the photos I've run in the newsletter:


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    Recent sunspot group 798

    Taken over several days, this is the return of the group that produced the massive X17 class flare, which produced some of the most vivid displays in southern Tasmania 24th August '05 - just magic. Great forum Fraser Cain
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    Exclamation thank u sir for the images of sun, with the very visible sun spot!

    very indebted for the images shown by u! thank u very much!

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    Lunar occultation of Bet Tauri

    My name is Valmir Martins de Morais.
    Images of the lunar occultation of bet tauri of 18 of November of 2005.
    Immersion: 06:09:54 UT
    Emersion: 07:37:02 UT
    Equipment: Newtonian telescope 275/1650, webcam vesta pro, individual frames.
    Place: Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, Brazil
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    Moon craters Photos from Greece

    All pictures I take with LXD-75 SC 8" telescope, I am new astrophotographer from Alexandroupolis, Greece.
    My equipment for this photo is :
    -Toucam Pro
    -Barlow 2.5X Televue
    -IR cut filter Baader
    -and the photo Mare-Serenitatis I take with focal reducer 6.3 Meade
    -In photos I have Log & Lat of my home position and times who takes this photo in UT.

    I am in Thrace Amateur Astronomy Club
    the site is but is only in Greek language

    George Tarsoudis
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    The final Sun Spot of 2005

    The final Sun Spot of 2005, with LXD-75 8" SC, EOS 350 D, and with 2 methods I)Eyepiece Projection II) Prime focus with focal reducer. My Home position is Alexandroupoli, Greece.

    Good Year George Tarsoudis
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    My photos from Partial Eclipse of Sun

    My photos is from Partial Eclipse of Sun at 29 March 2006 in Alexandroupolis (Greece) the Cover is only 80,4% for my region. In Kastelorizo the phenomenon is 100%!!!!

    My equipment is LXD-75 SC 8" with Canon camera EoS 350 d with focal reducer f6.3 at prime focus and Baader Solar filter ND 5.

    Thanks George
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    I'm assuming that people with photos should start their own thread rather than appending to this one; therefore, I've closed this thread.
    Everything I need to know I learned through Googling.

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