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Thread: I'm an independent researcher, how can I get my work published?

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    Why not delve into academia?

    BobTheEnforcer got me thinking...

    Everyone always asks, 'how can I publish as an independent researcher?', but nobody asks how they can be an attached researcher! If this is a subject you really do love, why not go to school, and get a degree? School is there to teach you and fill in your skillsets in areas you are weak in. In my studies, I meet students of all ages. I myself am classified as an 'alternative student', I work 40 hours a week at a 'real' job, while going to classes and studying. It is not easy - most days are 7am to midnight nonstop working til my nails come off, but I get amazing access to equipment, foundries, material, etc...

    There's a lot of things you don't do as an independent researcher that you experience at an institution, which allow you to tie up loose strings in a paper. One thing is you really learn to separate yourself with your work and allow yourself to see your own work objectively, because you will be slammed with hard (but 99% of the times true) criticism.

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    publishing a book may took you a long time. but in proper time, the book shall be published when the content is already fixed. the most important thing about publishing is when you are able to touch the live for those who will read your book. this is my own opinion about this topic.

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    People have the right to pursue what they want .Hope your dream can come true.

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    Gosh, aren't there a lot of spots on the internet you could publish your book?

    At least with photography, there are many places to publish with book binders, small quantities and places to gain exposure. I find it to be a help with my photographic journey to have a coach and friend who will help you along the way.

    Hope this helps you!

    Best to Your Success.

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    Check this place out:

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    Scientific wood need to go through a peer review journal - often they have a fee but there are a few free ones.. Regarding publishing books- this can be difficult sometimes.. Many publishers are hard to get fee backs from - but keep on trying. I managed to get my book be published by Springer this winter... So never give up..

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    Saw this linked from a Pugwash site today and just thought it might be of interest to some of you:

    Pitch Perfect – a primer for scientists reaching out to journalists

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    I appreciate your research effort.I am not going to give you specific information for publishing your research. I have a suggestion for you. You can search online for free research publication platform and pick one that suit for your work.

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    By posting this thread, you're actually on the way for your project to be published. See other "astro" forums

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    There are plenty of people out there with crazy scientific theories, the products of disordered minds!

    There are also plenty of people who have become very conversant, almost expert, in some scientific field, using informal pathways to skill and knowledge, such as personal reading!

    Put your findings out there in cyberspace;
    become a member of a community of individuals pursuing the same area of science, develop a reputation for expertise and deep knowledge, become the "go to" person for queries in some area of human knowledge......
    and then properly qualified scholars will start to take your theories seriously.

    Trust me, it can be done. I know from personal experience.

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