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Thread: Why all the old Universe Today stories?

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    Why all the old Universe Today stories?

    I've just re-enabled the link between the Universe Today website and the forum. Now whenever I post a new story on Universe Today, it'll automatically create a thread in the forum where people can talk about the story (Phil's planning something similar).

    However, because we've changed boards, we had wipe the database that linked them up, so this is starting from scratch. All the old threads are there, but new, blank ones are being created.

    Not to worry, vBulletin will come to the rescue again. It's got a feature that lets us merge threads with the exact same name. I'll give it a try shortly to see how it works. But until then, and especially when Google starts crawling Universe Today's story archive, there's going to be a FLOOD of Universe Today posts in the forum.

    This'll settle down in a while.
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