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Thread: Clearance of space debris

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    Clearance of space debris

    With the proposed ESA space debris mission slated for 2025, I'm interested in people's views on both the proposed method and any alternative options. This mission will use robotic arms to grab a piece of debris, but it's highly selective. The debris has been selected for it's rigidity and the mission is a one off. Both the debris and collector are destined to burn up on reentry.

    I have previously thought that some kind of aero or kinetic gel might be useful at collecting much smaller fragments into a larger blob.

    Given that space debris is a serious problem for future missions, what are your thoughts?

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    There is an extensive, long-running discussion of space debris in this thread. Might have a lot of good background material. Maybe focus on the ESA mission in this thread.

    I'm also going to move this thread from S&T to Space Exploration.
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