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Thread: Newman's TRIAL

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    <a name="Newman"> page Newman aka NEWMAN's trial
    November 13, 2002 5:56 A.M. pst /pdx
    at this time
    I do not know the link? {if iy exists at all}
    keep in mind however,{to begin} .I. sppeak to you
    after already having gone to "the Most Expensive Ever"
    US dourt House {Here} see Link to Hatfield Biblio
    {Link here To Newman2}{{ U KAn find whats left on page 5 of 7
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    in this avvounting? its not yet possible for me
    t get the timing intervals correct,, as I do not know
    the exact time {at this time (6:05 A.M.)}
    of Newmans death, much less the Court date.
    {Yes i've been to that "Most expensive Of"}
    {{ more than once i might add }}..So let ME
    work back in time From Enron: Befor those
    Texans came to Oregon to take the 20 or 25
    Billion {PGE}$ (around the turn of the centure)
    Texans had been here B4 {? on a simular venture }
    to what i say {put in the fix} probably in the 80's
    or twenty years prior to Enron? As I see it
    _( OR dont see it ) {as it truely is "the Most Exspensive EVER"} I call the FIX = "The Newman" see prior post

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    {4:57 A.M. 2-11-14} i went /left/returned/SHE did NOt want to go to Iown
    On 2002-11-13 09:06, HUb' wrote: to HUb'
    because iy is the "most expenxive EVER"
    and DID not work {at least for me}
    {when I was there it was eithor one machine
    OR the other that was DOWN (being "FIXED")
    abd SO i never ever found the case.. Newman
    much less the date.. or the part about the Alvord

    anyway as you may already know its a energy tail
    and exactly where in the court case the "STARS" come
    in {if they even do} I cannot say.. Nor can I explain to you
    tHAT ?'THERES THIS obsidian STAR'? maybe i mean aSTROide
    {?planet with?} No! I cannot: Maybe I can some day I can link to
    BOTH? today 3:33 Pm its Cramer {be there} OR..//i get board quickly

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    <a name="2-11-16.ks2"> page 2-11-16.ks2 aka KANt State II
    On 2002-11-13 09:18, HUb' wrote:HUb'
    for some time upcomming? {no i don't know how long}
    the Newman "CASE" will be delayed for the remaking
    of the Unversity Campus UNrest .. I refer to as
    Kent St.2 However my guess much of the
    ".Serial." well be filmed in the SE not in the NW
    {Where {{ oh never mind}}}
    Anyway as i've mentioned elsewhere
    {probably comming fro the Queen of England}
    {{ thats just a hearsay roomer}}
    well whatever the video from 141 CH from for the
    13 {does not exist} or if it does {probable}
    those documents are not prime time nightly
    Anyway 2 yes, it was a transparency from whitch they
    were projected onto the west wall..
    & yes .RU_th left last (wearing Yellow rain gear)
    it was not raining at the time BUT IT HAD BEEN {that day}
    for noe its just a left right tails with
    outgoing dept head seated on the table to the right of .RU

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    <a name="2-12-01.Nwp"> page 2-12-01.Nwp aka Newmans web page design
    With "Enforced Stupidity" well established & in place
    at PSU {I call it Police State University}
    I have no idea IF, not to mention When
    Newmans web sit will arise {IF EVER}
    however i'll go ahead with plans anyway
    the NOV 2002 ISSUE of MacWorld seams very hepfull
    so i'll begine there on page 44 wih NETMINDER 5.0
    AND USE THIE PAGE LAY OUT ________ also
    ( )( ) basicly it devides he screen
    ( )( ) into four logical sections NW/SE & SWNE
    with an added factor that an area exists {center}
    its a line driven {rather than ICON graphics draw}
    {{ remember I use the LIST view rather than Large or small icon}}
    lists just make more sence to me than a bunch
    of picture spread all over thither & yon
    so? yeah? its open for Questions as of now
    I mean the page design though I will shirley
    stick with :: four corners & A center
    I suppose Search in the center ? whatever
    ================ there will be {of corse a
    photo galery where any remaining Newman artifacts would go.

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    <a name="2-12-01.NW"> page 2-12-01.NW aka North West ?
    2-12-01 9:51 A.M. at least you got some idea
    if U were interested in what things were
    and what things cost .. Satern v's X billions
    Apallo space craft Y billions LEM, Rover
    on and on.. There was some accountability
    WITH "Enforced Stupidity" {none}
    so sure I remain Against {not much so}
    {{if people want to be stupid let them}}
    OH I forgot (the computer in the Command Modules )
    naughtally NAughty
    now back to the NW .. well ** goes there I poise
    and so I need to do more with this
    1111???222.333333333333.444 5th
    the fifth part
    the phpBB portion
    really I dont have the Questions even formulated
    IT does work.. even the searh part finds stuff easily
    //tilt\ how to set it up...::... I guess thats te Question
    i'll begin on the Mac 1/2 as I know least about
    that side and from what I see System 10 is the FIRST
    Mac Unix (LieNext) crossover away from Business(IBM) to University{hmm?}
    enviorns ..I am not leaving out a nother change down the line ? 4I do think .edu is hay wired

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    Refresh? Jan 13 2004

    Moon waning

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    Re: Refresh? Jan 13 2004

    Quote Originally Posted by HUb'
    Moon waning
    Yes, I saw it in the sky this morning.
    Everything I need to know I learned through Googling.

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    Re: Refresh? Jan 13 2004

    Quote Originally Posted by ToSeek
    Quote Originally Posted by HUb'
    Moon waning
    Yes, I saw it in the sky this morning.
    yesrerday morning

    as i steeped out on the sidewalk
    much to my surprise thar she be
    near a bright star or planet
    still unidintified by me
    even tho my skymap is Back {Yeahhhhhh}
    anyway the strange part was it was still cloudy from the big snow storm
    but the clouds {straight up 12 Ave.) were parted just long enough TO
    see the Moon &amp; star? it was a very {UM? Astronomical Moment}
    allririgt ALLRIGHT maybe it was an AStrolOGICAL one.. anywzay
    whitchever it was a FINE moment in Time.. Yeahhhh again.. its in MeMory

    oh yeah speaking of newmans trial? theres news {Friday}
    and also this TID?BIT
    Who is Online
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    pdx00782 14 Jan 2004 03:20 pm 14 Jan 2004 03:41 pm Forum index

    thats me today at 03:20 {makes no scence as it almost8
    EDIT 1/15 8:41AM pst CH149C14 {that star WAS "Jupitor" er?

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    push to New Moon Chineese New Year

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