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    Why did the Dutch papers in 1969 question the authenticity of the moon landings?

    Why is it NASA records are not classified but not available to the public?

    Why did so many astronauts end up as executives of large corporations? Was this their reward for the "trip" to the moon?

    Why did some astronauts die in accidents, others suffer brain damage and still others have nervous breakdowns?

    What happened to the Baron report?

    Why did the astronauts families often refer to the unreality of events?

    Why did the landing of all Apollo return capsules take place out of sight of the public and even of the pickup carrier crews?

    Why didn't the astronauts attempt to make some visible signal from the moon?

    Why were the moon rocks rushed to Switzerland right after they landed?

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    Why do people who know nothing about physics, thermodynamics, or structural engineering think they can pass themselves as authorities on the subject?

    Why do some people still believe that we didn't go to the moon when such a conspiracy of silence would require a blood oath from 100,000 individuals?

    Why do some people insist on believing the most ludicrous things in the face of overwhelming evidence?

    Why do some people think that they can mutate their own misunderstanding into clear evidence of a vast conspiracy?

    Why are some people not able to trust some of the most respected scientists and engineers for advice, but quote the pablum from quacks as gospel?

    Why do some people question the blasting of the Saturn V when millions of people were witness to it?

    Why do these same people question the trajectory of Apollo when impartial observers (to say nothing of hostile observers, such as the USSR) could track it a sufficient distance to determine the trajectory to the moon?

    Why do we even have to have this discussion?

    When will SaturnV get a clue?


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    The cat sat on the mat.

    No, seriously, cut the rhetoric and open your mind. Ever heard of Occam's Razor? Or, better still, Dr Johnson's refutation of solipsism??

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    Sorry, Zathras....the last message was addressed to the one orbiting on the higher offence but those refutations of the reality of Apollo are 'go for TLI', n'est-ce pas?

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    I've had enough. Three threads in a row posted with questions that have been asked before, and the answers are available on the web to anyone who tries to find them. I am locking these threads.

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