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Thread: World's Tallest Structure to be built

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    The share price of Enviromission Limited (the company building the tower) has gone from 19c to 40c in the last two months. It's listed on the ASX and is based here in Melbourne.

    Could be a good investment if this thing actually goes ahead (if it doesn't then you'll lose your money big time).

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    Originally posted by downunder@Apr 2 2005, 10:49 PM
    As for heat generation it'll actually remove some heat because it's converting sunlight to electricity. A side benefit that was found by the working scale model was that it feeds extra moisture into the soil under the canopy so plants grow much better. I can imagine sheep grazing underneath
    I disagree. It is NOT converting sunlight into electricity. It is heating the air under the canopy, and the funneling it up through the tower using normal convection. As the hot air rises it turns the turbines up in the tower, but that doesn't remove all of the heat from the air, which then escapes out of the top of the tower.

    My question still stands. How much hot air will be rising up and exiting the top of that tower, and what effect, if any, will that have on the local climate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John L View Post
    New Scientist has an article detailing the construction of what will be the world's tallest structure. It will be a 1/2 mile tall commercial and residential tower in Dubai. Personally, this is what I thought they should have replaced the World Trade Center towers with, but I didn't get to vote. What does this mean for future construction in the flagship cities of the world? Will there be a 1 mile tall tower in the offering soon to dwarf this one?

    Yeah I think there is..Kingdom Tower.

    It is just a kilometer high;

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    Quote Originally Posted by litespeed View Post
    Yeah I think there is..Kingdom Tower.
    You do realize that you responded to a post that's almost 10 years old, don't you?
    Of course, a lot of things can change in that time.

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