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Thread: Possible Copper Meteorite

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    My family has this 10 lb piece that appears to be mostly copper. As the story goes, sometime in the 1930s our grandfather witnessed this thing fall from the sky and land in our cornfield. This is all we know about its origin, we don&#39;t know from what direction, what color it showed or even what time of day it fell. We&#39;ve searched the newspaper archives to no avail. I did take it to the local University, the resulting opinions were yes it was a meteorite and no it wasn&#39;t (50/50) <_< We have researched the internet and there appears to have been one maybe two other examples of copper meteorites discovered. One is the Eaton, CO, meteorite the other a larger one found in Kansas somewhere, but it appears it was lost. Ours (if it is indeed a meteorite) is much larger than the Eaton meteorite.

    The surface of our sample is scalloped more on one side than any others and it shows signs of high heat. It is also green, but that is probably because it has been around for 70 years or so and being copper....

    We would like to have some friendly advice as to who or where we can turn to for more information concerning our sample. Any recommendations will be appreciated. We believe we possess a very interesting meteorite.

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    I was going to suggest a University....

    Try looking at various Universities in your area (and/or country) to see if anyone there is doing research on meteorites and ring them up ad ask if they would be willing to have a look at your sample.

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