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Thread: Another question, possibly being too picky?

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    One of Heinlens weirdest ones i thought was: "I Will Fear No Evil". A very weird one for him. It was still a very good novel (in my opinion), but just a strange way for him to go based on his other books.

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    Some Heinlein fans have speculated that Heinlein suffered from some kind of temporary mental disorder when he wrote it (!), and then got better again in time to write his next novel.
    I get the feeling that Heinlein himself might have felt the same (there's a remark in The Number of the Beast...).
    It's interesting that people associate Stranger in a Strange Land with the hippie movement, because that isn't really appropriate.
    I'm sure that Heinlein was pretty much opposed to the hippie ideals. The book was published in the late fifities/early sixties, so perhaps it has more to do with the beatnik movement of the fifties, if anything - or with Playboy magazine, that was started in the fifities.

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