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    Hooray, everyone!
    I have successfully gained ownership of the entire works of the Great One, Michio Kaku! Woohoo! :P B)
    Einstein's Cosmos
    Beyond Einstein

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    Congratulatons!!!! Give us a review

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    I moved this to the totally off topic section.

    For future reference, other stories is for astronomy/space exploration related stories that could potentially be part of the Universe Today newsletter. Your book collection, as broad and educational as it may be, does not fall under that category.

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    He's a great writer. Congrats on the acquisitions.

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    I wish I had a collection of all his books . But still, congrads!

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    How's the latest reading? Great time to sit and enjoy-Congrats. Jules Verne is a favourite of mine...still working on the collection.

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    I was just looking for a book about hyperspace in the city's library today but a research in the catalogue returned nothing for that keyword. My PC works too bad nowadays for surfing on the internet to gather information. And the open university where I study is at the other side of the water.
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