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Thread: Total Frustration.

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    Hi All,
    Have you ever had one of those days!!!
    Picture the scene I was viewing the transit of Venus, lovely sunny day. I had been watching for nearly three hours and Venus was less than one planet width from the edge of the Solsr disc when guess what, yes it completely clouded over.
    You will not believe the frustration I felt at that exact moment. Half an hour later the Sun is out in all it's glory again. Typical British weather!!
    Did any one out there get to see the total event and if so did you get any pictures, I'd like to see them.
    Send them to Fraser, I'm sure he'll post the best.
    John Cave

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    Ah, yes, I know what you mean. It was cloudy where I was too, but just as Venus was leaving the sun there was a patch of clearness for a brief moment in which I got to see it. Josh and Kashi posted some nice photos in the "Venus Transit in Melbourne" thread.

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    Hi all

    I didnīt saw the first two contacts (not visible in Portugal) but saw the whole rest of it. Some members took some pictures and promised to have some copies made for me. When i get them, i'll post them.

    See ya

    P.S.:How were your science finals galaxygirl?

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    My science finals went pretty well. Now I only have to take 3 more for history, french, and english (math was on Monday). Thanks for asking!

    I'm looking foward to seeing everyone's pictures.

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    What science subject did you take for your final? Chemistry? Physics? Biology? I just finished my chem final one hour ago.

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    It was on Earth science (I'm only in 9th grade). How was your chem final?

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    Dunno how I did...important thing is, I was confident in my answers, so...yeah.

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