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Thread: I found a Parellel Universe! *theory*

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    :blink: :blink: :blink: Can you believe I saw a Parellel Universe??? This is how you can find it. [B] You need to wait after a rainstorm. Go outside and find a puddle. Some people call it a reflection, but when you look inside, it is another world. The person inside the puddle-world is your "other body" and both of you think the same thing. When you touch it, the person on the other side touches too. When you fall down and try to go to the other world, the other person falls too. So it is impossible to go to the other world. ^_^ Just a theory. :blink: :blink: :blink: Okay, you critics can come forward and disprove me.

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    :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: I'm leavin' now.

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    Where you goin'? We've only just started!

    What if what we see in the mirror is reality, and we are dreams? Hmm... Stare at a mirror too long, you'll start wondering which side you're actually on!

    I've oftened wondered what it would be like to build a room around yourself, with floor/walls/ceiling seamlessly that wherever you looked, you'd see infinity?? :P Then start flashing a strobe light! ... sheesh, you'd prob'ly start materializing demons!! Ha...

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    Why do I get the feeling after reading the last couple posts that I somehow just left Univertoday and now I have entered the twilight zone...

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    I'm sorely tempted to close this topic as a complete waste of time... but methinks I'll keep it open to see what silliness ensues... I've moved it to TotallY Off Topic though...

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