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Thread: About this section of the forum (for new arrivals)

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    About this section of the forum (for new arrivals)

    Since I publish Universe Today, I get asked a lot of questions. Some are related to a specific story and others are just general space and astronomy questions. If I do know the answer, I'll send it back, but think that lots of you would find the questions and their answers quite interesting. So, I decided to create this news section called "Questions and Answers".

    If you've got a question about space and astronomy, go ahead and ask it. People here in the forum will try to get back to you with an answer. And as a special bonus, I'll use my vast range of contacts to try and get official space scientists, astronomers and experts to give you answers right from the source if I can.

    I've locked this thread. If you have a question, start a new thread so people can see it.


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    To elaborate, this section of the forum is for astronomy and space exploration questions with straightforward, generally accepted answers. If you have such a question, we suggest that you first see if one of the following sources has an answer:

    Physics Forums Library
    BAUT Resources on the Web thread

    Questions that are likely to lead to extended discussion about the correct answer, or that have no clearcut correct answer, should be posted in the forum most appropriate to the topic of the question. If a question does lead to such discussion, it may be split off or moved entirely to a more appropriate forum by a moderator. Since it's hard to tell how a discussion will go, posting such questions will generally be treated as a judgment matter and not a rule violation.

    Questions taking issue or raising concerns with the mainstream viewpoint should be posted in the ATM forum. Posting questions along these lines will generally be treated as a rule violation.

    Once a question seems to be adequately addressed, the thread may be closed by a moderator. If the member posting the original question feels the answer is insufficient, the moderator’s post may be reported (click the black triangle in the lower left corner) and a request to reopen the thread submitted.

    To put it another way, the goal of this section of the forum is to provide a reliable source of information about astronomy and space exploration, a sort of member-controlled Frequently Asked Questions section, so that people looking for such answers can find them quickly and easily.

    As always, if you think a post is inappropriate for the topic or forum, use the report function to alert the moderator team rather than taking the thread further off-topic by arguing with it in place.
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