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Thread: Judith Durham's Voice?

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    Judith Durham's Voice?

    I've just bought a Seekers CD...I don't know what you guys think? But Judith Durham's voice is so crystal-clear that it makes me have goose-flesh...(It did in the sixties when I was wee.)

    Not quite the same as today's computer-enhanced female vocalists, eh?

    Any thoughts chaps??

    PS: I know how sad I am!

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    Well, Pete, all I can say is, I know I'll never find another you.


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    Why thank you Donnie...

    The Carnival is over I'm afraid...

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    She really did/does have a sweet voice. Chiming, you might say. She was so on-key it hurt.

    What's she up to these days, do you know?

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    She's not really performing much. When the Seekers split it was basically because she was starting a family, and although they have reformed a few times it has always been without her.

    Although I wasn't alive to see it in person, I have a clip of them singing Georgie Girl in front of 200,000 people in Melbourne in the late 1960s - and it sends shivers up my spine everytime I see it. And when you consider that Georgie Girl is an upbeat little number you can appreciate the effect it has on me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donnie B.
    She was so on-key it hurt.
    That's exactly the way to describe it! =D> =D>

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