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Thread: 3 stars moving in formation/ flashing star to the right of cassioppeia 07/09/2021 uk

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    3 stars moving in formation/ flashing star to the right of cassioppeia 07/09/2021 uk

    Hi I hope some one has and explanation of what I saw. I was laying down watching the night sky near kings lynn. uk. And at approximately 11:30pm I saw just to the right of cassiopeia constellation a flashing light in the sky which looked like a star. It flashed once then disappeared for a min or two then another flash. This caught my attention so I layed on the ground not taking my eyes of the area trying to see it again and to record it on my phone camera. Then i saw what I can only describe as 3 stars/satellites moving across the sky from a south/east towards north/west direction. The 3 star/satilites blended in very well with the night sky and I would of not seen it if I wasnt looking in that exact direction at that exact time. It was 3 lights blended perfectly with the other stars moving in a triangular formation with two leading lights followed by a 3rd trailing light in a triangular shape. It seemed quite large in size and I'm not sure if my eyes was playing tricks but for a moment it looked like it was blocking out light from stationary stars as it passed across then but again I'm not sure if my eyes was playing tricks. It was moving quite fast across the sky faster then a plane or satellite and seemed too high up to be a plane and there was no sound at all it was dead silent. I followed it with my eyes until I lost sight of it which it had disapeared within a couple mins. After a couple of seconds of what ever it was I saw disapeared I noticed the light flashing just to the right of cassiopeia constaltion again. It flashed once then about a min would pass then another flash this time it happened 3 times and then stopped I spent about 1 hour and a half trying to spot either the flash or the triangle shape staring at the possition where I saw the light and triangular shape but there was no sign of either. I did try and capture a video of the triangular shape and the star flashing the second time but unfortunately my phone camera wasnt good enough to pick anything up. Has anyone else experiance anything similar or does anyone have a possible explanation as to what it was I saw. I'm not saying it was a UFO but it was something I saw it definately wasnt a plane. I did look into possibilities and one that came up was the summer triangle but as far as I'm aware the summer triangle doesnt move that quickly across the sky. Any information or guesses as to what it was. would be apriciated .

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    Paul j. The Earth rotates 360 degrees in about 24 hours on the money, so the appearance of the Summer Triangle moves about 15 degrees an hour....doesn't seem to fit your description. Satellites in low Earth orbit complete a revolution in about 90 minutes.....a lot faster.. It used to be one could see occasional flashes from Iridium satellites that caught the sun just right, and there are websites that give their positions relative to yours, but they don't. Move around off their trajectories like you described.
    Now we have large clusters of satellites, smaller in size, that follow similar paths, but also are unlikely to return quickly to an earlier spot near fixed stars as viewed by you.
    So it seems you might have an UAV sighting...unidentified aerial vehicle.Many years ago...abou 30, a survey was conducted at the Texas Star Party by Stephen O'Meara who writes for astronomy magazines, and his intent, described in a for-the-public talk at Phillips Auditorium at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics was to debunk UFO/ UAV reports once and for all by querying people who were trained observers with considerable experience looking at the night sky rather than hours of television almost every available night of the year.
    To his suprise, many of them had seen anomalies that they never reported to either the military, the news media, the ufologists, their friends, colleagues, or families.. He owned up to the numbers in the data, and concluded that people were regularly seeing unusual things. OTOMH...I believe it was about 30%. You might find a reference online or email him . He wrote for Astronomy magazine for a long time, or check with members of the Texas Star Party.I received a fighter pilot personal report of one that was less than 10 feet away during a WW2 bombing run over Germany. Foo fighter.

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    One thing that sort of seems to fit your description (blocking our stars) is an airship with running lights. They donít make much noise so itís hard to tell how far up they are. I saw one pass over me at night once and it looked a bit like what you described.

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    Thanks for your replies apriciate it. It certainly has my interest.
    I'm searching for anything that was similar to what I experienced so I will certainly check out your sources and suggestions.
    it was certainly strange what ever it was.
    And something I have never experienced before.
    Appolagies for the block writing I'm dislectic and dont know when or forget to put in breaks.
    I will try harder in future.
    Thanks again.

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