Director's Notes for JD 2459462.5:

This week marks the start of our new season, and we have made the decision to make this a year for growth. This community is our heart and soul, and we plan to work our hardest to to build our content in ways that bring you joy.

As part of learning from you what we need to do, we'd like to ask everyone to please complete this completely anonymous survey. Everyone who completes it will get a link to attend a special, online event with me and any other team members I can round up. Please take our survey today!

We are diving into this new season after taking two weeks off, and it kind of feels like we need to take time off to recover from our time off. This feeling is largely because while we took time off from producing all our shows, none of us took off more than a couple of days. Instead we focused on upgrading things. You can see our biggest improvements on the homepages for CosmoQuest and our podcasts Daily Space and 365 Days of Astronomy.

We also did a massive update of our Credits and Sponsors page and revealed that in October, we will be launching a new podcast, Visión Cósmica, which is a Spanish-language show hosted by astronomers Andrés Plazas Malagón & Nicolás Garavito-Camargo. Some of you may remember Andrés from our first season of Daily Space. We couldn't be happier to have his voice come back to our programming.

Let us know what you think over on Discord, and please use the survey to tell us the things you wish we knew. This is a community, and we want to hear everyone's ideas.

In love and science,

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