Director's Notes for JD 2459434.5

Once upon a time in April, it looked like this %&$%^ pandemic was going to wind down with the summer, and we'd be able to return to activities like IRL conferences / events and try and experience the outside... or at least the inside of something other than our houses.

With the global uptick in the Delta variant and the rise of new variants... not so much. So, we are back to planning an all online new year of CosmoQuest activities (translation: we aren't going to DragonCon, and we're frustrated enough a euphemism was required).

This week, we are going to sit down and plan our show topics for Astronomy Cast, consider guests for everything, and work to build our 2022 calendar for, once again, all virtual reality. We think we have an awesome new Minecraft plan and more, but we want your input!

Have show / guest / review ideas for any of our shows? Drop us a note, and your wish might be our plan. There isn't enough joy in the world; if we can bring you joy by discussing [insert spacey awesomeness of your choice], we're so there.

In love and science (and mask wearing frustration),

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