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Thread: Credibility of meta-analysis

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    Credibility of meta-analysis

    "Evidence against physically punishing kids is clear, researchers say" according to this report about a meta-analysis "review" of 69 other studies.

    I guess one problem is: a meta-analysis makes it difficult to check the "evidence" oneself. Maybe the conclusion here is correct, I don't know. But to reach a conclusion, one must always consider the source, and here I'm kind of cut off from the source of this "clear" conclusion.
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    The full text is behind a paywall, but the introductory summary of the original article is here.
    Meta-analyses, like other pieces of research and analysis, are required to show their working--so the original article is likely full of graphics and tables to support the conclusions drawn. And all original articles consulted will be referenced. So there's no intrinsic problem with checking the evidence beyond the time, energy and library access required--I've checked more than one meta-analysis myself, back in the days when I worked for a living, but it did burn a lot of my own time.

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