Director's Notes: JD2459385.5

I'm currently sitting less than a meter from my air conditioner as I try and keep cool on this Summer Solstice. At 10:31 pm local (that's GMT-5), the North Pole of Earth will get as close as it ever gets to pointing at the Sun. For those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, this is our longest day of the year, and for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be the shortest. From here on out, the length of the days will change in a new direction, and in a few months, thermal lag will catch up, and the temperatures will also start changing in a new direction.

The fact that our planet acts like either a hot stone or an ice pack is the reason our seasons lag the solstices (to oversimplify). During these long hot days, the winter chill has been getting baked out of the ground. My basement studio still holds a bit of its winter chill, but by CosmoQuest-a-Con, we can expect the that room to be an oven.

What worries me is just how early it has gotten so hot. It feels like our atmosphere is preheating the outdoors in advance of August's Dog Days of Summer. This year, we can expect changes in heat, rain, and more extremes then we're used to.

When the weather gets extreme, please check on your neighbors and take care of one another. We can get through this together.

In love and science,

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