Sometimes you just have to embrace the silly. Last year, on May the Fourth, I mentioned to the then-new Ally and Beth that we celebrate Star Wars around here… because we can. I'm not quite sure what happened, but the desire to party like Jedi (or Sith) led to a request to take the day off doing any serious streaming, and thus our "no serious streaming on May the Fourth" began.

Our celebration actually goes back to (IIRC) 2018, when we were recording an episode of Astronomy Cast on May the Fourth, and KeeperOfMaps asked if I could be coaxed into recording in my Jedi robes, and we pranked Fraser for a bit. It was fun. I have no regrets.

I know that Star Wars isn't everyone's jam, and that's ok. We each need to find our own things to get excited about. I dig science, photography, cosplay, and animals. No matter what your thing is, I hope you will find time to enjoy it on May the Fourth.

May the Fourth be with you!

In love and science,

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