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Thread: New ‘difficult to explain’ declassified Ufo lead to 'Fake Alien Invasion' theory

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    New ‘difficult to explain’ declassified Ufo lead to 'Fake Alien Invasion' theory

    The US military, the Navy, the Pentagon I believe has de-classified or put out in public some footage of UFOs, or unidentified objects. In a way has lead to more 'Alien Event', alien disclosure talk among conspiracy fringe people. Some of the visual recordings of cockpit instrumentation displays from United States Navy fighter jets based aboard aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2004, 2014 and 2015, there is also news today about a recent one about a triangular UFO shaped object. A former chairman and current ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee lawyer and politician Rubio, said that he fears the UFOs in the videos may be Chinese or Russian technology. The US military and Pentagon later addressed and officially released the videos in 2020, this would be 13 years after the first of the videos were leaked to the public in 2007.

    I rarely check UFO conspiracy news but once in a while I do maybe for the comedy effect, I guess Lockdowns gave some of us more time to look down the crazy rabbit hole, so here's about as much as I understand on their 'Fake Alien' invasions philosophy. The conspiracy sites now talk of more UFOs Declassified theory, in turn UFO conspiracy Alien Planet X type theories grow among the people who chat about this stuff. I dont watch much conspiracy channel stuff but once in a while I do. Sometimes simply for my own amusement I check out what Richard C. Hoagland says about alien cover ups because of something on Mars, other times I check out a radio from Coast to Coast just for the crazy xfiles comicbook 'Numb3rs' style stuff they talk about, I maybe watch or listen for the fun of it just to see what crazy tinfoil headed stuff is going on. Some of what the conspiracy guys say kinda makes sense some believe it to be a science project, maybe drones and the way things compartmentalize the hand on the left does not know what the right hand is doing. Other theories have tv show xfiles crackpot element to them.

    A lot of conspiracy used to center around a few guys for example entertainment media news conspiracy broadcaster and writer Art Bell was a famous name in the conspiracy scene, he was a soldier in Vietnam he later would build a conspiracy radio station with a huge following. I'm not sure but I hear one kind of story claims to have single-handedly launched grenades or missiles to take out an alien fleet? and the story goes that Art by himself brought down a small fleet of flying saucers using only 1960s / 1970s Aircraft or Mortar weapons Art Bell found lying around during the war, I dont know it seems to me perhaps he had one too many beers or smoked something weird that night. Art was famous for his work and feats, he built followings across the world was the only non-military English-language station in Japan. While there, he set a Guinness World Record by staying on the air for 116 hours and 15 minutes, Art Bell died in 2018 and I feel the conspiracy movement seems to have gone in other directions or gone directionless without guys like him. Sites like Twitter, AboveTopSecret, Facebook etc seem to have taken over where Art Bell Left off, AboveTopsecret is no stranger to controversy like other social media, some of these sites are known for more notorious stuff like web brigades, pranks memes, spam and bots, actual criminal have posted there, but these websites do have 'Moderation' and one mass murderer, crazy crank, attempted assassin, who posted on ATS but was too loony even for them, they do feed of fringe notoriety and controversies. These conspiracy websites while they seem chaotic they do have structure, they do make income, they sell mugs and t-shirts, they have DVD sales, they sell new health pills, they sell books, they also promote Belief Movements and the conspiracy idea of Majestic 12, also known as MJ-12

    At one time Coast to coast was a central hub for crazy Ufo discussion but Art Bell's radio is no longer a central part of the UFO conspiracy movement. It seems more crazy conspiracy people now also believe an invasion is coming, some conspiracy people believe in real hidden space cities <<< I'm not sure where Mars? or another solar system? another dimension? It's hard to pin down any of their beliefs, but they do believe in real aliens like Planet X stuff. Some also talk about 'fake aliens' they say this invasion will be maybe faked like on a Hollywood set or fake satellites something? Or they believe the United States launches 'fake UFOs' to hide behind the Moon then these spacecraft dress up as alien craft and then invade Earth, no evidence of course no scientific falsifiable data or real evidence to back anything they say up. In their minds it's like a mother-load of conspiracy, that might involve the USA, Canada, the EU, Russia, China, 'Q-Anon' stuff, kidnapping alien abduction and a new Global Currency the IMF 'Amero' Currency Conspiracy, 'face masks' and the 'Space Force' all rolled into one big massive conspiracy confusion pile, I feel maybe I should also mention British conspiracy theorist sports broadcaster 'David Icke' here. There might also be a cult doomsday religion element to this movement while I will not discuss but this is all rolled into the fake end-times scenario.

    I wonder if Lockdowns and Depression is also adding to the Conspiracy madness? One loony I forgot his name, said by look at NASA pics he found ‘Ancient Mechanical Power Device’ or ‘Alien Jet Engine’ Remains on Mars this 'Mars-Engine' conspiracy of course went viral. In Europe France no stranger to madness found a Mysterious Crop Message, I don't know Babylon Mason Roman 'Templar' Sign found in 2020, more Aliens more End Times Space Invasion talk across websites in Europe. and of course you had our Pop-stars, night clubs closed, sports closed, events closed, stars no longer performing at pop concerts but on social media you still have crazy people like Miley Cyrus chatting, revealed how they were Being 'shaken' after being 'Chased Down' by 'A UFO', she also revealed that she made eye contact with the creature / being sitting in the UFO, I think in later interviews she also admitted she might had been using marijuana at the time .....or if not on booze or smoking weed I wonder if she did actually really see something? was this just a Paparazzi with a Drone Camera trying to sell pictures to some gossip pop star music newspaper or maybe she took legal happy pills from her doctor or consumed some weird stuff that made her see things? Another American singer Demi Lovato who has sold over 24 million records in the United States and has a big following on social media has shared videos on instagram snapchat youtube style social media websites, she shared these videos while she narrated her encounter with UFOs during her nighttime detox retreat next to Cactus Plants, Mushrooms and other psychoactive trees and bushes and organism in the Deserts of California, these social media streamed 'UFO Encounters' by other media people also went viral, millions of followers, millions of views shared by thousands of others. I dont know, maybe she did see a 'thing' maybe there could be 'something' in these videos like an aircraft or satellite or a star or meteorite?

    There is a weird fake medical element to all this conspiracy movement, or anti-medical anti-mask element to it all. They actually believe or some believe as I understand it that 'alien DNA' is currently used maybe in face-masks or used in medical treatments. I guess maybe people started to tune out of tv media after Historical Wars like Vietnam or Iraq and they have a general distrust of media and only follow online alternative medicine, fringe news channels? On some of these conspiracy groups you have Promotion of alternative mystic neo-yoga voodoo-ish medicine which is now part of the regular conspiracy movement. You get a social media channel that discusses 'news' and 'science' and events and it would also feature quackery medical stuff such as homeopathy, reflexology, some anti-alien mystical aura people have? One doctor Immanuel has doctor spiritual beliefs regarding alien demon sex, alien DNA in medicine? While there was a year of pandemic misinformation campaigns you had Israeli Haim Eshed alternatively romanized as Chaim Eshed, who went claiming that world governments were secretly working with aliens, the guy is old but his crazy statements led to more conspiracy. There are people who promote a narrative that a representative or President from Earth now goes out into a ship or portal to meet or negotiate with a 'Galactic Federation', 'They Found Advanced Technology on the Moon' type conspiracy I guess in their mind its like something from a Star Wars or Star Trek movie. This Conspiracy stuff was coming out alongside a bunch of Discovery History Channel Tv stuff like Ancient Aliens, Above Majestic, Paranormal UFO Investigators type tv show 'documentaries', these are tv show films with clairvoyant telepathy sound viewers, 'psychic investigators' on UFOs, abduction mythology phenomenon 'experts' and remote viewers. Eshed is not the first to make such claims, Linda Moulton Howe was doing it yeas before him, an Emmy award-winning documentary film maker who pushes ufologist theory and she was also an advocate of a variety of conspiracy theories. A stand up comedian and radio host Joe Rogan also pushes UFO conspiracy, some people might remember him from the 'Joe Rogan vs. Phil Plait Great Debates'. 'Joe Rogan' is a media guy, a tv host, comedian, podcast host, and martial arts commentator, he is arty, clever, witty but he is not a scientist.

    Eshed however is a real scientist, the guy is maybe age 87 or 88 yrs but in a way can be seen by some news media as the father of Israel's space capabilities so it lead to a NASA spokesperson talking about his alien statement and reaffirmed the fact to US media and Public that "we have yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life". On these fringe conspiracy sites there is also something even more crazy in the conspiracy about Aliens, the Internet and Aliens influencing or Monitoring peoples minds.

    Perhaps I feel conspiracy theories as crazy as they are were easier to understand when they were all centered around a guy like Art Bell, or cultural thing like the X-Files tv show or a charlatan or fringe pseudoscientist like Richard C. Hoagland. I wonder are people using more drugs than usual or is it the 'Lockdowns' or did social media like twitter help conspiracy theories go even more crazy than conspiracy theories normally were?

    I did try to search for other threads on this topic, Fake Alien invasion or Blue Beam / Project Blue Beam but all I got was off topic stuff or Tv entertainment like
    'What are you watching'?

    The term "unidentified" Simply means not yet identified, because UFO seems to mean 'Aliens' in the minds of people in pop culture it has lead to more pseudoscientific topics such as ufology. I believe the terms pyramid-shaped "unidentified aerial phenomena" is now used in official news media releases or UAP will be used in future I guess maybe to distance from the cultural conspiracy meaning of the 'UFO' term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Launch window View Post
    The US military, the Navy, the Pentagon I believe has de-classified or put out in public some footage of UFOs, or unidentified objects.....
    Yeah, I noticed that. I also noticed the (pretty mainstream) news show I was watching ended the report with the amateurish speculation "Well, apparently these events could have actually captured alien crafts." So many credulous people!
    Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

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    Here's a very good video from Mick West, explaining the triangular nightvision footage as bokeh. He was helped by the Metabunk contributor Jesse, who has a night vision device with exactly the right kind of aperture to create triangular bokeh-type images.

    Helpfully, each of these clips released by the US Navy have been unofficially furnished with code names to help distinguish them. We can use these code names to identify the most likely explanation for each of them.

    Pyramid; - bokeh (see above)
    Acorn: - a novelty balloon with Batman on it.
    Blimp - a novelty silver balloon, possibly a dolphin.
    Jellyfish - too out of focus to identify, except as an Airy disk. Apparently seen on the same day as Acorn and Blimp, so it's probably another balloon.
    Sphere - an unknown balloon, perhaps a target balloon of some kind, that descends to the ocean surface and sinks (this is only a series of still photos, AFAIK).
    FLIR1 - the 2004 Nimitz encounter, the filmed portion of which appears to be a distant plane.
    GIMBAL - one of the the 2015 USS Theodore Roosevelt encounters, which seems to show a relatively distant plane, filmed sideways against more distant clouds and displays gimbal rotation effects.
    GOFAST - another of the the 2015 USS Theodore Roosevelt encounters, which seems to show a quite small object such as a bird or balloon against a more distant sea.

    All of these clips have reasonable explanations, although I suppose that any or all of them could show alien craft that are not particularly unusual in behaviour. I'm just surprised that the Navy don't seem to have analysed these clips very thoroughly.

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