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Thread: Does anyone still believe that Apollo 11 landed on the moon after Chang'E-4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Foul View Post
    Supposedly NASA had measured surface radioactivity during the Apollo mission so there is that little irritating speck of dust in the ointment.
    There is nothing irritating at all - well maybe there is! The secondary radiation is obviously lower than the primary, much was known about cis-lunar radiation so there was zero to suggest any dangers on the surface - because there were none and still there are none. Unless of course we are dealing with long term habitation. NASA acted perfectly for much of the Apollo /Mercury/Gemini era.

    You are done now. All your silly little points have been dumped in the garbage and you are just repeating your nonsense. Hopefully not for too much longer

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    Quote Originally Posted by grant hutchison View Post
    Thanks for tracking that down.

    Grant Hutchison
    Agreed. Isnít it interesting how things change with more context?

    Iím also amused how LF completely ignores the peer reviewed article he linked to, presumably because it points out things he doesnít want to accept. Linking again, just because:


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    Refer to page 8 on your questions about what radiation checks were made by by the Apollo 11 astronauts.

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    Remind me, did we ever arrive a reason the prescribed path of the Apollo 11 curves sharply on a 2d side view? I did not see where that mystery was solved?

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    All right we're done.

    Over 500 posts and we are just going around in circles.

    Lord Foul - you had your chance and now you are done. You may not bring up this topic again without prior approval of the Moderation Team. And that request had better show you have some other evidence than the constantly repeated claims in this thread.

    Anyone else wishes to change this decision, Report this post and explain exactly why this thread should be reopened.
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