Mars is in the air... or at least the sky (the air is more full of tree pollen, truth be told.) As SpaceX barrels ahead with its Starship prototypes in Texas, and Percy takes its first drives around the red planet, it is feeling more and more like today's college students will have an actual chance to someday see people on Mars.

I don't dare guess how long it will be be until humans leave the Earth-Moon system, but I do dare to dream about what it will take to survive the journey and successfully build a home on Mars. While I dream, however, others are actually looking at the science and making plans. One of these people is Nick Castle, who goes by MercurialMartian on our Discord server. In real life, he is one of our colleagues at the Planetary Science Institute, and he does mission operations for the Mars Curiosity Rover team.

Starting next Saturday, Nick will be doing a six-week seminar series on how to build a home for humans on Mars and not die along the way. This course is not without a fee; we're paying Nick a living wage to both prepare to teach each week, and we're keeping the course size tiny to allow in-depth discussions around the content.

If you want to join me in dreaming of Mars, with the facts someone like Nick can teach you, here's the link to go sign up.

In love and science,

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